5 Easy Ways To Fix Sony TV No Sound Issue

Imagine coming home from a long day at work and you sit down on your couch to relax while watching your favorite TV show. You turn on your Sony TV only to realize that there is no audio! This could be really disappointing and a total mood killer.

Not to worry because we’ll help you troubleshoot the “Sony TV no sound” issue. 

Several users have been reporting the same issue with Sony TVs. So, you’re not the only one. Audio issues with smart TVs can be fixed via some simple troubleshooting methods. Keep reading to check them out!

sony tv no sound

Sony TV No Sound – Reasons Why You Get This Issue

If you are finding it troublesome to diagnose why you are not getting any audio from your Sony TV, we are happy to help. Here is a comprehensive list of reasons why your Sony TV might be experiencing a no-audio issue:

The Obvious Reasons

Most of us are familiar with the common troubleshooting methods used in any tech-related field. The obvious one is the “turning off and turning back on” technique. This often works and resolves most of your device issues. So, we recommend you start with that. If it didn’t work, try the following points:

  1. Mute Setting

It is possible that the mute setting has been activated on your TV. Or else, the volume of your TV has become extremely low and that could be causing your Sony TV to look like it’s not working.

While almost every TV model shows the word ‘MUTE’ displayed on the TV, some don’t. So, check if your TV has been muted or not. 

  1. Volume Extremely Low

It is also possible that your TV speakers have become faulty over time. This could make the normal volume level of your TV sound much lower than it usually is. For this, you need to try turning the volume higher to make the sound audible.

  1. Loose Connections

In case your connection cables are loose, that too can interfere with your TV audio. Also, if the connection cables or port contain a lot of dust or debris, that could also be a reason why your TV is not working properly.

You need to make sure that your TV and all other devices (stereo, HDMI, etc) connected to it have secure connections. Also, check the wires for any wear or tear.

Other Possible Reasons

If you have reached here, that means the obvious reasons were not of much help in your case. Don’t worry, here are some other steps for you to try out:

  1. Issue With Streaming Device

It is possible that your streaming devices like an Amazon FireTV stick, Blu-Ray player, or any other satellite dish could be faulty. For example, you are watching a show on your TV using a

device like the Fire TV. In this case, check the device settings to make sure the sound is being outputted via your Sony TV speakers only and not anywhere else.

  1. Check If TV Speakers Are “On”

Sometimes, the sound/audio section of your TV settings is set to something other than Sony speakers. To check for this, go to the Sound/Audio section of your TV settings and see if it reads TV Speakers, Sony Speakers, or something in similar lines. If not, then the TV won’t know where the sound has to be played.

  1. Wrong Audio Input Setting

Perhaps your TV audio setting has been configured to play audio from a different speaker. Or you probably had a headset connected to the TV and that could have changed your TV’s default audio settings. 

  1. Hardware Issue

It is also possible that your TV’s internal hardware has suffered some damage or has a glitch. That too could be affecting the audio functionality of your TV. Also, if you only use your TV’s built-in speakers. Those could have been damaged as well and hence, your TV audio is being restricted.

  1. Corrupted Software

It is also possible that your Sony TV’s software has become corrupt or backdated. In this case, your TV won’t be able to function normally. You’ll need to reset or reboot it to refresh the TV software. Or you might need to update it to get rid of the current data on the smart TV.

How To Fix Sony TV No Sound Issue – 5 Solutions

If your Sony TV has not been producing any sound, try out the following fixes one by one until your TV sound issue is resolved:

  1. Try Unplugging The TV From The Wall
  2. Unplug The Power Cord From The Back Of Your TV
  3. Update The Sony TV Software
  4. Reset The Audio/Sound Settings On Sony TV
  5. Factory Reset Your TV

Solution 1: Try Unplugging The TV From The Wall

Try Unplugging The TV From The Wall

This probably sounds like a no-brainer to you but many people forget to try this out. Unplugging the TV from its wall socket is a common method to try and retrieve the TV sound. So, all you have to do is unplug your TV from the wall socket and wait for a full 60 seconds. Next, plug it back in after waiting for 1 minute.

Also, hold the plug of your Sony TV for around 30 seconds. Doing so should help drain any residual power in the TV and then, the TV will soft reset itself. This is much different than just turning the TV on and off by using the remote. 

Many users have reported that this has worked for them. However, sometimes, it can be a bit tricky. If you are still struggling with the Sony TV no sound issue, try out the next fixes.

Solution 2: Unplug The Power Cord From The Back Of Your TV

This is another easy way to fix your TV. All you need to do is unplug your TV’s power cord from its back and leave it like so for around 60 seconds. Then, plug it back in.

Once you have plugged it back in, ensure that the connection is tight and secure. If the connection is loose, that could lead to your TV not getting enough power.

When the power cord is securely plugged back in, turn on the TV via the power button and not it’s remote. This should resolve the Sony TV no sound issue and you should be able to hear sound from the TV again. If not, then move on to the next solution.

Solution 3: Update The Sony TV Software

If you are using an older version of Sony software on your smart TV, that can cause several problems. Ideally, your Sony TV should download the latest version of software on your behalf. But, sometimes, that might not happen. In this case, you just need to ensure that your TV software is updated at all times. 

Once you finish the software update, your TV’s audio-video settings should be reset to the original defaults. Follow the steps given below to update your Sony TV software:

  • Press the Home button on your Sony TV remote
Update The Sony TV Software
  • Select Help > Status & Diagnostics
Select Help > Status & Diagnostics
  • Select System Software Update
Select System Software Update
  • Now your TV will start looking for the latest software update. If any update is available, the TV will display instructions on how to download and install it.
Now your TV will start looking for the latest software update

Solution 4: Reset The Audio/Sound Settings On Sony TV

This is yet another way to solve the Sony TV no sound issue. For that, we need to reset your TV’s audio/ sound settings. 

Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Press the Menu button from the TV remote.
  • Keep going down on the Menu list of the TV using arrow keys until you find Settings
  • Select Settings and then Preferences.
  • Go down to the Sound option and choose Reset.
  • Press the OK button on your remote. Doing so should reset your TV’s sound settings to the factory defaults.

Sometimes, the original sound settings can create problems with your TV sound system. Issues like the Sony TV volume not turning up or down properly. 

If you can’t detect the volume change, try pressing the Mute button to ensure the TV audio is not muted. Now, check if there is a cable in the audio jack.

External cables or earphone wires will transport the audio away from your TV speakers and into the external cable system. So, unplug the external sound systems from your Sony TV.

Reset The Audio/Sound Settings On Sony TV

The next step would be to go to the Settings menu of your Television and look for the Headphone/Audio Out option. Set it to Audio Out if it is already not set to that. Now, navigate to the MTS settings and make use of the Main or Stereo as your primary option.

Another thing to do is to check the main menu and turn the speakers On. This will ensure that the speakers are activated.

The above couple of sound settings should help you make sure that the speakers are your primary source of sound and also resolve the problem if it is not related to hardware. 

Solution 5: Factory Reset Your TV

Factory Reset Your TV

A factory reset can restore your TV to its default settings. To do so, follow the steps given below:

With Remote

  • Press the Home button from your TV menu. 
  • Select Settings from the TV menu followed by Customer Support.
  • Choose Storage and Reset option
  • Next, select Factory Data Reset.
  • Lastly, select Erase Everything
  • Once done, restart your TV and check if the sound is working.

Note: Keep in mind that this will make your TV lose its prior custom settings but everything including the sound functionality will return to the normalized version.

Without Remote

Without Remote

There are certain buttons on your TV that should help you factory reset it. Also, you need to check the model of the TV you currently have. Based on that, you’ll be able to locate the buttons to reset the TV. 

These buttons can be located on the left, right, bottom, or even underneath your TV. You need to have your TV plugged in and then, press the factory reset button. But the procedure can be different for different Sony TV models.

Final Thoughts

In case the last resort, i.e. the factory reset also didn’t help resolve the “Sony TV no sound” problem, that indicates that your TV audio cables and speakers probably have an issue that could cause audio malfunctions.

If this is the problem, then, go to the customer support channels. Perhaps, your TV’s audio system is failing and if you have a warranty, that could give you a replacement via Sony.