Roku Overheating: 8 Quick Solutions

For TV fans who want to access all of their favorite entertainment content, Roku streaming gadgets are a great choice. The Roku Player has it all, including a massive selection of networks and immediate access to your preferred streaming services.

Even though a Roku is an incredible way to access a variety of entertainment with little more than Internet access and a video cord to your TV, it can occasionally face technical difficulties. 

Overheating is a problem we frequently observe on Roku devices concerning overall efficiency. While it might be annoying when this issue occurs, there are a few straightforward steps to address it and some precautionary steps to ensure overheating happens less often.

So, let’s start and understand this Roku overheating problem in detail, including its causes and quick solutions. 

Roku Overheating? Look Out For These Signs 

First, before hardware warns you of a problem, you can notice the signs of your Roku overheating. A few warning indicators that your Roku may be experiencing an overheating phase include slow navigation, frequent video loading, and audio lip-syncing issues.

Here are some signs to confirm that your Roku is overheating:

  • Device Red Light
Device Red Light

Certain Roku players include a front-mounted white light that may become bright red if it gets too hot. It appears that the gadget is on from this light. The white lights change to solid red when your Roku player gets too hot. To determine if your Roku device is overheated or not, you can examine the light’s hue.

  • On-Screen Overheating Warning Message 
On-Screen Overheating Warning Message

Every time a technological or programming issue arises, Roku shows error messages. Similarly, whenever the Roku stick gets too hot, it displays a warning that reads, “Your device is overheating,” in the upper corner of the TV screen.

  • Manual Touch
Manual Touch

The most straightforward approach is this one. Get nearer to your Roku player and touch it with your fingers to activate it. It may be that your Roku device is overheating if it seems hotter than usual.

Try These Fixes For Your Roku Stick Overheating Problem 

  1. Pull The Power Cord and Let Your Roku Cool Down
  2. Replug The Device 
  3. Restart Your Roku Device
  4. Move Your Roku To a Cooler Location
  5. Move Your Streaming Stick Further From The TV 
  6. Clean The Dust Off Your Roku Device
  7. Turn Off Your Roku Occasionally 
  8. Use An HDMI Extender

Pull The Power Cord and Let Your Roku Cool Down

Pull The Power Cord and Let Your Roku Cool Down

The first step you should take if your Roku player overheats is to remove it from the outlet. Bring it exposed and let it rest for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

The device will now be hot, so use caution when touching it. You don’t want to damage your Roku player by being burned while using it. Therefore, you have two options: unhook the gadget and leave it exactly where it is, or unplug it and transport it outside using a cloth.

Restart your Roku player by plugging in the power cable once the gadget has thoroughly cooled. Everything should go smoothly. If not, try the previous procedures again and give it additional time to cool down.

Replug The Device 

Reconnect the device once it has cooled down. When the Roku shows a white light, the problem has been resolved.

Reconnect the device once it has cooled down. When the Roku shows a white light, the problem has been resolved.

After connecting it back in, you may also determine the temperature by going to the hidden Roku menu. Press the power button five times, the fast progress button once, and the pause key once on your Roku remote. 

After that, press the fast-forward key once more, followed by the Pause and Rewind buttons.

The temperature of your Roku device will then appear on the screen. Restart the gadget or wait until it cools off if it is too high.

Is your Roku overheating? Try the following solution. 

Restart Your Roku Device

Restart Your Roku Device

A quick system restart might be the next option if unplugging it doesn’t solve the problem. Reconnect the gadget to the power source, verifying the device’s temperature. You may achieve this by using Roku’s secret menu.

Hit the below keys on your remote control quickly to determine the temperature:

  • Five times on the Home button. Press the stop button first, then the fast-forward button.
  • After pausing the process, use the fast-forward button to finish it.

The temperature of your Roku device will be displayed on the menu. You can restart the device if the heat is still too excessive.

Move Your Roku To a Cooler Location

Find a cooler spot for the Roku next to solve the Roku overheating problem. Here are some essential tips to remember to avoid Roku overheating again. 

  • Avoid placing devices near other gadgets that may overheat, such as amplifiers, audio/video tuners, cable/satellite devices, routers, cable/DSL modems, confined cupboards or spaces, and under the bright sun.
  • Some TVs also have hot spots or poor airflow on their backs, which can be fixed by installing an HDMI extension or lengthier HDMI cable (based on how your device is connected) or switching the HDMI port on the TV.
  • Providing the incorrect voltage or amperage, a power source other than the one that came with your Roku could also cause the device to overheat. Device manufacturers provide these to guarantee that the device receives the true power.

Move Your Streaming Stick Further From The TV 

While you should store your Roku device far from those other heated electrical components and in a well-ventilated area, some Roku devices can make that difficult. 

In particular, Roku Streaming Sticks are difficult to space apart because they plug straight into the HDMI port on the TV.

Fortunately, there is a simple fix for this issue; Roku gives Streaming Stick users who require the extra length a free HDMI extension. You can obtain a free HDMI extension direct from Roku if you receive an overheating alert and want to distance your Streaming Stick from your hot TV. 

You won’t be charged for shipping it to you.

Clean The Dust Off Your Roku Device

Clean The Dust Off Your Roku Device

Don’t undervalue the advantages of routinely cleaning your Roku device. The dirt can serve as an insulator, frictional heating inside your Roku and reducing its efficiency as it gathers dust and filth. 

You must disconnect your Roku every so often and wipe it down with a moist towel to eliminate any accumulated dust.

Turn Off Your Roku Occasionally 

Turn Off Your Roku Occasionally

Your Roku is made to be turned on and plugged in all the time. When it isn’t in use, the gadget will rest, making it relatively quick to start whenever you sit down to see a streaming video. 

However, if you won’t use your Roku for some time, like if you’re going on vacation and nobody will be home to watch it, it’s a good idea to switch it off by unplugging it so the electronics can shut down and remain calm until you require it again.

Use An HDMI Extender

You can use an HDMI extension to solve the Roku overheating problem. The best aspect is that the extension doesn’t cost any additional money. You can place a free order online through the authorized Roku website. 

The following instructions will help you obtain the free HDMI extender:

  • On your PC or mobile device, access the website.
  • Enter the necessary information, including your name and the delivery address for the item.
  • Verify that your contact information is accurate a second time.
  • You should enter your Roku stick’s serial number. You can find this number on the Roku stick’s backside.
  • For the application to be completed, hit the submit button.

Your complimentary extender will arrive in a few days!

How To Avoid Roku Overheating Issue? 

The following suggestions from experts are good to avoid Roku overheating issues in the future. 

  • Avoid Hot Places

Additionally, you want to keep the Roku stick away from regions that absorb the natural sun. Many Roku Stick users think placing the device right next to or under their TV is reasonable, but doing so can cause it to overheat.

To prevent thermal performance between the Roku Stick and your TV, keep them apart. Under “Roku Always Overheating/Keeps Overheating,” the steps for using an HDMI extension to stop overheating are also listed.

  • No Closed Cabinet

The spot where you put your Roku player can be the source of your Roku overheating issue. The Roku devices frequently overheat due to their position.

People frequently store their streaming gadgets in cabinets or other confined spaces; avoid doing that. The unit won’t cool down if confined in a space without ventilation.

Finding a cold, dry, open location for your Roku player is, therefore, something you can do. While viewing TV or online videos, keep them away from any cupboards or small spaces.

Your Roku device may stop overheating if you place it in a room with plenty of ventilation. If it does, ensure you don’t take the gadget back to where the overheating issue occurred.

  • Don’t Keep It On Top Of Other Electronic Devices

Some folks keep every electronic item close to one another and with minimal airflow. If you do this, you may wish to adjust your behavior.

Because of the limited area, as all electronic gadgets emit heat, they will interfere with one another. Weakened electronic gadgets function worse, and they may even cause irreparable harm.

You can purchase a tiny tripod that will enable air conditioning and ventilation while remaining close enough to run HDMI connections if you wish to utilize several electronic devices simultaneously.

Nevertheless, we advise you to keep your Roku device as far away from the other group as possible. If those other gadgets continue to emit heat into your Roku over time, it will quickly cause harm to your device.

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight

Your Roku streaming device could be overheating due to the visible sunlight. This is true because sunlight rays bounce off various surfaces before entering the openings of electronic devices.

Ensure your equipment is not in bright sun if it is heating since it is next to a door. Put your Roku player someplace chilly and dry to prevent overheating.

To keep your Roku player cool, remember that if you use a TV stand, it needs to have adequate airflow.

  • Regularly Clean Your Roku Device

There’s a reasonable probability that your Roku device has collected debris and dust on its connectors and filters if you haven’t dusted it since you initially plugged it in. 

These items can quickly prevent cool air from moving through the gadget, overheating it as a result.

Remove dirt and debris from its exterior with a soft microfiber while unplugging. You can moisten the cloth with water and stir if the dirt is stuck. Additionally, remove any dust accumulated on the ports and vents with a soft brush.


As you’ll see, all Roku devices have a significant overheating issue. Thus, if you get an overheating alarm, adhere to the guidelines on this page. Your problem will also be addressed.

Quick Tip: It is preferable to disconnect the Roku device if you want to leave the house for an extended period, such as a lengthy vacation or a weeklong picnic. This will lessen the risks of electrocution and Roku overheating.