19 Best Fixes For My Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off Every 5 Seconds

Many of the Samsung smart TV functions are superior to rival intelligent TV models. Additionally, Samsung TVs have premium, higher-resolution displays. Even while TV is getting better every day, there are still issues.

According to numerous users, my Samsung tv keeps turning off every 5 seconds. After the system upgrades, customers of Samsung smart TVs are experiencing this.

my samsung tv keeps turning off every 5 seconds

However, the reason why my Samsung TV continues shutting off every 5 seconds could be due to hardware or software issues. When you switch on your smart TV, it automatically turns off after 5 seconds.

Finding the actual perpetrator of the smart TV’s self-destructive behavior is a complex process. But we’ll show you how to fix my Samsung TV, which shuts off abruptly every 5 seconds.

Why Does My Samsung TV Keep Turning Off Every 5 Seconds?

A Samsung TV may automatically shut down after a brief period for several typical causes.

We’ll start with more straightforward remedies before moving on to ones that call for disassembling your TV.

  • First, examine the power cord for any potential power problems. You must replace it if you discover it to be broken or damaged.
  • Checking for power issues with the outlet is the next step if the problem doesn’t disappear. Plug your TV into a different power socket after unplugging it.
  • As an alternative, try plugging different electronic devices into the socket to see if it works.

It must be noted that the surge protector or extension cord you’re using.

How to Fix My Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off Every 5 Seconds

You must follow the directions on your smart TV to repair a Samsung TV that shuts off every 5 seconds.

The majority of techniques concern the physical components of the smart TV. You need not bother about resolving the software component, for example.

  1. Outdated Computer Software
  2. Disable Anynet+ on your computer.
  3. Recalibration
  4. Disconnect Power for 30 Seconds
  5. Verify Power Supply is Sufficient
  6. Customer Support for Maintainance
  7. Make the necessary adjustments to your TV’s Eco Solution.
  8. Double-check the remote control for your television.
  9. Viruses
  10. Configuration of the Sleep Timer
  11. Conduct a Visual Inspection of your Capacitors.
  12. Update Firmware
  13. Turn the Auto power off
  14. Double-check all of the devices that are connected
  15. The Possibility of Power Issues
  16. Final Technical Faults
  17. Motherboard
  18. Replace your TV 
  19. Perform a soft reset via the power cycle

Fix 1: Outdated Computer Software

A higher percentage of consumers are ignorant that their innovative TV software needs to be upgraded. You are considering that the software upgrade is not set up to upgrade itself at will. To proceed, you must carry out a manual upgrade.

In a nutshell, if you haven’t been updating your TV software, this could be why your TV keeps shutting off. To remedy the condition, take the following steps:

  • Activate the television.
  • Find the Settings menu by navigating.
  • Select support.
  • From the menu, choose Software Update.
From the menu, choose Software Update.
  • Now choose “Update Now” from there.

How quickly the update completes depends on the quality of your internet connection. Although it should only take 30 minutes, it can go faster or slower. You cannot turn the television off while the upgrade is taking place.

If this happens, your Samsung TV could experience more significant damage than initially anticipated. To ensure that your Samsung TV is constantly updated, make it a practice to check for upgrades regularly.

Fix 2: Disable Anynet+ on your device.

Samsung refers to HDMI-CEC under the term Anynet+. This function switches the TV on immediately whenever any attached device, such as a PS4, is switched on. Your television could inadvertently turn off and on due to a broken component. See if it helps to disable Anynet+ on your Smart Tv.

  • Find the Settings menu by navigating.
  • Choose System from the drop-down menu.
Choose System from the drop-down menu.
  • From the drop-down box, pick External Device Manager.
  • If Anynet+ is active, shut it down.
Select anynet+

Fix 3: Recalibration

Your Samsung TV could occasionally need to be calibrated to operate to its full potential, and this need could cause the TV to keep shutting off. Using a Soft Reset will enable you to do this.

The Samsung TV may be fixed and operational in only 30 seconds by pulling it from one socket and plugging it straight into a functional outlet.

Fix 4: Disconnect Power for 30 Seconds

The smart TV avoids booting at an elevated temp, as previously described. Even the TV needs to sleep. If you use the equipment frequently or occasionally, you must balance the temperature.

Following 10 to 20 minutes of utilization, the TV instantly cools off. Nevertheless, overheating is another reason why the Samsung TV continues shutting off every five seconds. Pause for at least 30 seconds before unplugging the cord from the wall outlet.

Switch it in after that, and see if the issue still exists. If the problem is fixed after turning off the TV, wait until it cools down.

Fix 5: Verify Power Supply is Sufficient

First, we advise ensuring the electricity supply can adequately support a smart TV. There are numerous tools available for differentiating voltage. You could, for example, use a Voltmeter.

If the power capability is too low, there is insufficient power to solve the issue. To stop the Samsung Smart TV from abruptly shutting off every five seconds. Lower and higher voltages should be equally distributed.

To avoid problems with a smart TV’s power supply being inadequate, we advise utilizing Voltgurd or UPS. Additionally, the mistake will automatically go away if the TV’s power supply is enough.

Fix 6: Customer Support for Maintainance

You could destroy your TV’s structural parts if the problem continues. The motherboard must be in good functioning order to power the entire smart TV.

Customer Support for Maintainance

You will require expert assistance to replace damaged inner components. You can inspect the internal components by going to the closest Samsung service location. If some parts are broken, they can be changed or fixed, thereby qualified hands.

Fix 7: Make the necessary adjustments to your TV’s Eco Solution.

The Eco Solution function on Samsung televisions shuts them off instantly after a period of inactivity. This can be stopped by

  • Accessing the Settings menu
Pick General
  • From the drop-down menu, pick General, followed by Eco Solution.
From the drop-down menu, pick General, followed by Eco Solution.
  • And then choose Auto Power Off.
choose Auto Power Off.

Fix 8: Double-check the remote control for your television.

Poor battery life or a stuck key on your tv remote could be the reason for your unnecessary signal triggering. Change the batteries if you discover any stuck or jammed buttons on your remote control.

Double-check the remote control for your television.

Your Samsung smart tv may also experience issues with some other tv remote controls. See how your Samsung TV responds to them, and have them in combination with your TV. If this is the situation, you might need to put more space on your TVs.

Fix 9: Viruses

Like a PC, a smart TV may become attacked by viruses, which make the TV shut off after 5 seconds. You will often get a virus if you visit the web and install files through your Smart TV.

If you want to get rid of a virus, you might try performing a power reset. You must unplug and turn the TV off. Two minutes should pass while you keep the tv’s power button depressed. Reconnect the TV’s power and switch it on after you’re done to see if the problem has been fixed.

You can also do a factory reset that will reset the TV to its factory default settings and erase any previously saved settings. Based on the model, there are various ways to perform hard resets. It will help if you read your user handbook, as advised.

Fix 10: Configuration of the Sleep Timer

Since wrong settings are among the most frequent reasons for your Samsung TV’s recurrent closing down, we can’t completely rule out the potential that this setting is active. The Sleep Timer function turns your television off a set period later.

You or another user might have switched on the Samsung TV. Simply turning it off allows you to fix it, making it another straightforward process. Implement the subsequent steps:

  • Access the Settings menu.
  • Pick System.
Pick System.
  • From the drop-down option, and then choose System Manager.
  • Choose timeframe.
Choose timeframe.
  • Make your selection for the sleep timer.
  • As an option, select “Off.”
As an option, select "Off."
  • The surge protector is not functioning correctly.

Although using a surge protector to shield your electrical appliances from outages is technically possible, doing so is not advised (brought out by power outages from thunderstorms). Your surge protector might be broken, and if your Samsung TV is linked to it, it might be why the TV keeps shutting off.

You can determine if there is an issue by avoiding the surge protector and connecting the TV power cord straight to a wall socket. Repair or fix the surge protector generating the case if your tv does not shut out by itself (if possible).

Fix 11: Conduct a Visual Inspection of your Capacitors.

However, repairing a physical issue like a blown capacitor cannot be done with the help of a sequence of buttons.

You must get professional help if you notice a damaged capacitor physically or if you notice a clicking noise. Please make an appointment for them to fix your tv, either by swapping out the capacitors or the electronic circuitry altogether.

Fix 12: Update Firmware

My Samsung TV keeps shutting off after five seconds despite this troubleshooting recommendation to update the firmware. How do I go about updating the system software? You may give this question some thought.

The TV firmware can, though, be updated. Simply upgrading the firmware from the options will do it. Additionally, a USB is needed to boost the television using this approach. You can look at the instructions for updating a Samsung smart TV through USB.

Additionally, a USB twice as large as the firmware on your smart TV is required, in addition to a laptop or PC, for copying the firmware into the USB. The execution of the upgrade follows. Your smart TV will not again display the problem.

Fix 13: Turn Auto power off

There may have been an eco-solutions setting on your Samsung tv that you mistakenly selected. This setting disables your Samsung TV to save power when there isn’t an input for a prolonged period.

A power outage is the third reason your Samsung TV can shut itself off repeatedly. It’s simple to fix; all you need to do is turn it off by doing what’s indicated in the instructions below.

  • Go to the Settings section of the menu using your remote.
  • Select General.
Select General.
  • There should be thought given to eco-solutions.
There should be thought given to eco-solutions.
  • From the drop-down option, choose Auto Power Off.
Turn Auto power off
  • Pick “Off” from the options.

If this is the main reason your Samsung TV keeps switching off, you’ve just found a permanent solution. If not, keep going; you ought to be able to find a solution quite fast.

Fix 14: Double-check all of the devices that are connected

Your TV may be continuously turning on and off as a result of receiving wrong signals from a piece of malfunctioning equipment or connection, which could be the root of your issue.

Remove all the connected devices that are still attached to test whether the problem still exists after doing this.

If it does, you could be sure that none of the linked devices have an issue, and you can securely rejoin them.

This warning shouldn’t have appeared, which means a linked device brought on your issue. Reconnecting each device one at a time will help you identify which one seems to be in charge of switching your TV on and off.

To determine whether the issue is with the device or the cabling, try to connect the device with a new cable after you’ve located the offending item.

Fix 15: The Possibility of Power Issues

It’s crucial to initially check for any potential external power problems so that you can spot them afterward. Check the cable that connects to the tv, the power cord, and the socket where the line is connected.

The issue might be as straightforward as the socket not being fully in. If the TV is not getting enough energy, it will not be feasible to continue operating. The tv is therefore configured to shut off periodically every five seconds.

The cable flaking or splitting at the ends may indicate a more significant issue. In these circumstances, electrical tape is frequently helpful. However, it’s possible that the TV needs to be changed.

A further possibility for an electrical issue is if the TV is linked to an extended cord or a surge protector. If the problem still exists, try inserting it straight into the walls to see if that solves it.

Despite that, you must also ensure the socket into which you inserted the TV is in good functioning condition.

Trying to plug a small device into an electrical socket will allow you to test its functioning, such as a lightbulb. The TV is likely the issue if the outlet isn’t the issue.

Fix 16: Final Technical Faults

Maybe there’s a technical issue with your television that you can’t figure out or fix. Such problems include a motherboard malfunction or a power outage.

Because they will need you to take off the TVs back in these cases, it is recommended for you contact assistance. Even if the issue is in the tv’s internal parts, they can generally fix it.

Very sure, your tv’s warranty will include an internal defect of this kind. It’s advisable to double-check your guarantee to see if fixes or a substitute are included if you’ve never used it in a while.

Fix 17: Motherboard

Any tv’s motherboard is a crucial part of that set. It performs identically to your Samsung TV’s primary circuit and manages all computing. A broken motherboard in your tv could be why it keeps shutting out by itself.

But if you have the required technical expertise, you cannot repair a contaminated board alone. A Samsung-authorized repair center will almost certainly fix your Samsung TV if it is still covered by warranty. You can’t entirely rule out the chance that this is the reason why your TV keeps shutting off.

Fix 18: Replace your TV

It might be required to get the device changed if none of the above fixes have been successful. This often covers the price of upgrading to a newer gadget and any services rendered in advance of the update.

Fix 19: Perform a soft reset via a power cycle.

Whenever possible

Power cycle your TV.

Like any other device, the most straightforward and efficient approach to fixing bugs is to do it this way.

How to do it:

  • RESET your TV.
Network> Reset
  • Please remove it from the source.
  • Before actually plugging it back in, pause for 30 seconds.

A soft reset is what Samsung refers to as. We’ll calibrate your TV. And on occasion, that is sufficient to solve the problem.

How can I prevent my Samsung television from turning off on its own?

We have an alternative approach for TVs that run for further than a few minutes before the tv turns off automatically. Fortunately, there is a very straightforward fix to this issue.

  • On your tv, go to the Settings menu.
  • From there, choose General.
From there, choose General.
  • After that, make your order at Eco Solution.
After that, make your order at Eco Solution.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Power Auto-Off.
From the drop-down menu, select Power Auto-Off.
  • Decide how long you want the TV to stay on before turning it off automatically.
  • This must fix the issue and provide you with more control over when the television shuts off.

Final Thoughts

One of the causes mentioned above may be the cause of your Samsung TV going off. Check for and try to fix any settings or connection failures that may have happened to avoid more complex matters.

Besides that, who knows? Perhaps the remote that’s hidden under your sofa is what keeps your Samsung TV from abruptly and routinely shutting off. Alternatively, maybe it’s time to contact the Busters.