How To Use Roku TV Without Remote And WiFi: An Easy Steps

how to use roku tv without remote and wifi


how to use Roku tv without remote and wifi? In the earlier days, there were no remote-controlled devices or WI-FI for entertainment. I wonder how people used to stay and kill their time.

Today we have thousands of devices for our media entertainment like Smart TVs, Smart Phones, Laptops, and whatnot. But every good comes with a setback. So, in today’s article. We will discuss how to use Roku TV without a remote and WI-FI. 

Connecting Roku tv without a remote is pretty simple. You can download the Roku App on your Smartphone/TV and control your TV through buttons on the screen. Pretty easy. Right? But, in comparison to WI-Fi, it is much simpler.

As WI-Fi facilitates the web content present over the network. Roku without WI-Fi is much more complex than that because all the content is provided online to the TV. 

And if you have lost your remote somewhere. And also unable to connect to the WI-Fi or have run out of data. Then it must be so troublesome. To stay part of what you always stayed close to, The Roku TV.

Many users raised queries. To know whether/ one can use the Roku TV without the remote and WI-Fi. So we are here to answer this query. So let’s dive deep into it.

What is Roku?

Roku is a popular entertainment appliance-producing company that is well-established for its quality products. And of which Roku TV has a different buff following.

On Roku TV, you can stream any entertainment medium like Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, or any other streaming platform.

But recently, many users were found to be complaining about the Audio issues with Roku TV. So in this article, we will be walking you through all the possible solutions to fix the Audio of your Roku TV if you are also facing a similar issue.

How do I operate my Roku TV without a remote control?

If you have lost your Roku TV remote somewhere and facing issues using the Roku TV, the below steps will help you cope with this, so follow the below instructions:

  1. Set up the Roku application. This app is available on the play store as well as on the apple app store. You can install it from there. 
Roku - Official Remote Control
  1. Open the application and follow all instructions on the screen. 
  2. If you’re using it for the first time, you will be required to agree to all the terms and conditions. 
  3. Now, tap devices. You will see it at the bottom of your screen. If it’s yours for the time using an app, then you need to click OK, and you will find Roku devices. 
  4. Next, select a Roku device.
  5. At the bottom, there is a remote control option. Click on it. Then you will see a plus-shaped icon. Click on it. Now you can use the remote on the application to control your television. You can easily use this application on your smartphone for as long as you want. 

Although you need to make sure your smartphone is connected to the same wifi network. Above are the steps you will use if you have lost your Roku remote control back home.

It will work if you have the same name and password. Otherwise, it will not. In that case, You can configure a mobile hotspot and use the application.

How to use Roku TV without a TV remote and WI-FI? Here’s how! 

A Roku requires an internet connection that permits the delivery of content. Submitting the device to one of the most considerably popular streamers you could get.

The Roku TV remote is another vital trait that helps enhance the user experience of Roku. But what if you fail to access your remote and your WI-FI at the same instance? It is feasible, so what are you supposed to do in such a hopeless condition?

There is plenty of option available. Like you can try linking the Roku from your mobile phone’s cellular hotspot. Or mirror your mobile or computer screen to the TV.

If you are wondering whether you could use your Roku without WI-FI, some means would still enable you to relish the content on your Roku if there is no wifi.

See the below options. That you can opt for if you have lost your Roku tv remote. And also cannot connect to the wifi. 

Using Roku TV Without WI-FI

  1. ‌Turn On Mobile Hotspot
  2. Mirror Mobile Screen on TV
  3. Utilize screen mirroring along with the internetless Router
  4. Use a chrome extender on your Windows television.
  5. Access to Ethernet port
  6. ‌Connect A Computer

‌Using Roku TV Without Remote

  1. Set up The Roku App
  2. Order A Replacement Remote
  3. Contact Support

Using Roku TV Without WI-FI

1. Turn On Mobile Hotspot

Your wired Internet connection is not the only point of entry if you have a 4G or 5G phone data plan. And it is possible to use it to play content on your Roku devices.

Beware that using your mobile phone’s hotspot plan with your Roku may consume plenty of data on your hotspot stream and download at the highest quality.

To use your Roku with your phone hotspot, make sure that the mobile phone’s hotspot is turned on, on your phone’s setting menu. Follow the instructions below to connect your TV to your Mobile Hotspot:

  1. Set up any mobile to connect hotspot. 
  2. You can use your smartphone, computer, laptop, iPad, or any other device with an access point service. 
  3. Download and open the Roku app on all devices.
  4. Now go to the device and select the Roku drive. 
  5. Tap the remote icon on your display. You can use the remote control when it comes to its application.
  6. ‌Press the home icon key on your Roku remote.
  7. Go to set up your Roku app remote control. You can view it on the home button on your remote control using the left-right arrows. 
  8. Now go to Settings and select Network Name.
  9. ‌Select set up a connection and choose the wireless network connection. 
Setting up wireless network
  1. ‌Select your phone’s hotspot from the list of access points that appear.
  2. ‌Enter the password and select connect.

Keep a check on data usage with a utility so that you will have access to your WI-FI network. Once the Roku finishes connecting, you can use the device like when you had WI-FI, but the speeds can change since you are now on a mobile data network. 

2. Mirror Mobile Screen on TV

You can also mirror your mobile phone to your television and watch content on your mobile phone if you have some content downloaded. 

You can also do this by connecting once to a mobile hotspot, but since doing so already allows you access to the Internet, watching on Roku would be better.

Make sure that the Roku and the mobile phone are connected to the same wifi network regardless of whether you can access each Internet connection.

Roku supports both airplay and Chromecast casting. So most of the devices you might acquire are enclosed and can be utilized to cast to your Roku. 

To launch your Roku, start playing any content on your mobile phone. And then tap the cast on the player. 

To mirror your screen on Roku TV, follow the instructions here: 

  1. Launch the screen sharing or screen mirroring features on your phone, for example, Smart views on Vivo mobile phones. 
  2. Select your Roku television. 

If you have an IOS  iPhone or an iPod, follow the below instructions:

  1. Play the content and look for the airplay logo on the player control. 
  2. Tap on the airplay icon and select Roku from the list. 

Airplay can only be borrowed to cast. And also, it does not aid the system in mirroring. Chromecast does support this characteristic. But it does not support some Roku Streaming devices, especially the Roku express 3700 and another one is the Roku Express +3710.

3. Utilize screen mirroring along with the internetless Router

  1. On the home screen of your Roku, select the Settings option. 
  2. Next, select the mirror display option and go to the native display mirror from the display. 

You can view this option on your phone. And you can also opt for a Google search. From the screen mirroring, select Roku equipment. Now you need to accept the application appearing on Roku appliances.

Choose the process Anyway option after a Roku device requested the Rokucast option, which does not use the Internet connection. 

4. Use a chrome extender on your Windows television.

  1. Start Google Chrome on your PC. 
  2. Launch the chrome web shop. 
  3. On the search box, Search for Remoku Extension. 
Downloading Remoku Extension
  1. Choose the Romoku option from the list that pops up. 
  2. Tap on adding to the Chrome button. 
  3. Next to the search box, you will see an extension toolbar, then click on the Remoku icon. 
  4. On the upper left, you will see an extension option. 8. To connect the Roku television with the Remoku extension, you must enter a Roku IP address.

Enter your IP and enjoy using the Roku TV.

5. Access to Ethernet port

You can also use a USB ethernet adapter port instead of WI-FI if you are facing issues in using the WI-FI. Follow the instruction below:

  1. Shift to Roku devices.
  2. Next, move to the settings menu option. 
  3. Select the network and go to the wired connection option on the list. 
  1. Now, follow the displayed instruction and complete the setup.

6. Connect A Computer

You can use the second monitor on your computer as a Roku TV by connecting your computer or laptop.

This option will only work if you have an HDMI input USB port that will not work on streaming devices.

Take a Belkin HDMI cable and then fix one end of the computer and another to the Roku tv. For this, switch ON the TV on the HTML port, launch your content, and enjoy it on the large screen.

Play content on your screen and click three dots above the browser. Select the cast option, then select Roku tv in the list displayed.

Using Roku TV Without Remote

Unlike relinquishing an internet permit relinquishing your remote would not be that restrictive on what you can do with your Roku device. Displacing your remote is quite susceptible so choose any of the methods which we will be discussing below:

1. Set up The Roku App

Roku maintains an app for your mobile phones to monitor your Roku device without any remote. To set up the app with your mobile phone, obey the points mentioned below: 

  1. Make sure your Roku and mobile phone are on a similar wifi network.
  2.  It could be your mobile phone’s hotspot. 
  3. Now download the Roku mobile app from your mobile phone’s google play store. And install it. 
  4. When it gets installed, launch the app. 
  5. Follow the introductory configuration procedure. 
  6. Select the device once you enter the home screen of the app.
  7. Automatically the app will locate your Roku, so tap it from the chronicles to select it. 
  8. Now tap on the remote icon on the homepage to start controlling your device once it finishes connecting the app to it.

2. Order A Replacement Remote

The more logical substitute is to order an alternative remote for your Roku television. You are just required to pair the remote to the Roku once you obtain the remote to start using it.

And you can also fetch a universal remote like the Sofabaton U1 that’s compatible with the Roku device. You can control a device further than your Roku if you can not assemble your Roku to wifi connection or require your remote renewed. Connecting Roku aid would be a fantastic spot to initiate.

3. Contact Support

By any chance, if you are unable to use your Roku TV or you are unable to connect to WI-FI for a long. Then I highly recommend you reach out to the Roku TV support team.

The above steps will be helpful if there is no software damage. You can contact Roku TV support by contacting the Official Roku Support.


In this article, we have mentioned all the possible ways that you can choose to play your Roku TV without a WI-FI connection or Roku TV remote. You can try all the methods and select the one that suits you the best.