How To Add Apps To Vizio Smart TV: 4 Easy Steps

how to add apps to Vizio smart TV

How to add apps to Vizio smart tv? Owning a Smart TV means that you can add apps to it. That is the entire point. It is almost like owning an Android platform with a bigger screen. But, Vizio can be pretty tricky. Why’s that?

That’s because Vizio TVs come with different variations. There is a Smart TV, and then there’s a Smart Cast TV. Yes, there is a difference. There is also a VIA app from Vizio. Each one requires a different method to install or use apps. So, if you’re wondering how to add apps to Vizio Smart TV, this guide has it all.

You will learn about the difference between these Vizio products. Additionally, you will learn about all the ways you can use different apps on these and how you can install them. So without further ado, let’s begin:

The Difference Between SmartCast TVs And Smart TVs

Vizio webpage about SmartCast

Before you jump down to the guides for app installations, let’s learn the difference. The difference between Vizio’s SmartTVs and SmartCast TVs

Vizio first released a series of Smart TVs that offered users a way to use a smart cast. These TV models were the Smartcast TVs.

A SmartCast TV allows you to use your device like a smartphone or tablet and cast the screen on the TV. It doesn’t support any app installation.

These models were supposed to be affordable with HD quality streaming for you. It was an excellent idea, but people didn’t appreciate it enough. After all, we all want freedom of choice.

Then came Vizio Smart TVs. These were more in line with the traditional android TVs. You could download apps and have freedom of choice. Some even came pre-installed.

These included Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and other premium choices. These were more successful.

But, Vizio didn’t entirely remove their SmartCast system from these TVs. You could still use SmartCast as well. So, Vizio SmartTVs were better with more flexibility and the same old features.

Vizio Internet Apps – VIA And VIA +

Vizio website Smart TV Apps

There wasn’t much difference between the Vizio SmartCast and the VIA or VIA Plus apps. These apps enable you to stream content from your favorite apps. 

Later, it evolved to become more of an app store. It is an exclusive app store that lists all the supported apps. Vizio doesn’t have Google Play or Apple App Store. It relies on the built-in app store, VIA Plus, to enable you to use other apps. 

So, if you want to know all the apps that your Vizio TV supports, you will find them there. 

Navigation – How To Add Apps To Vizio TV

  1. Using VIA To Add Apps To SmartTV
  2. Using VIA Plus To Add Apps To Your TV
  3. Adding Apps To A Vizio SmartCast TV
  4. Deleting The Apps From Your Vizio Smart TV

How To Add Apps To Vizio Smart TV?

1. Using VIA To Add Apps To SmartTV

Vizio remote VIA button

As mentioned earlier, VIA is one of the features, or apps, that act like the AppStore. You will have to use it, if it is available in your model, to install the Apps. All you need to do is follow these instructions:

  • There should be a VIA button on your remote. If you don’t know how it looks, check for a button with a ‘V’ on it. That is the button. Now, press it.
  • A new window will open. Select the ‘Connected TV Store’ option.
  • There, you will find different options to simplify. Select the All Apps. This option is best to see all the apps available for your model of Vizio Smart TV.
  • Now you can go ahead and navigate through the list. Select any app that you want. Press the OK button on your remote. This will open new options.
  • Find and select the ‘Install App’ option. This will install the app.

2. Using VIA Plus To Add Apps To Your TV

Vizio VIA Plus App Home On Smart TV Vizio

There isn’t much difference between VIA and VIA Plus. But, some things have changed, and it is essential for you to know:

  • You will have to press the same V button on your remote. But, this time, you will have to do it twice. Only then will the options appear.
  • Instead of the All Apps, there will be the My Apps option. If not, then a tab will open up, and you will have to go to the My Apps Tabs.
  • VIA Plus comes with several easy filters. You can categorize through Featured, Latest, All Apps, and Other Categories. All you need to do is use them to find the app you want.
  • Once again, you will have to press the OK button. Go ahead and select the Install option, and it will appear in your My Apps section.

3. Adding Apps To A SmartCast TV

Using Vizio SmartCast TV with Phone as a remote and to cast apps

Is it possible to add apps to Vizio SmartCast TV? Well, in a way, the TV already allows it, but in a limited manner. What does that mean? Well, to save you the trouble, here’s a quick explanation:

Vizion SmatCast TV allows you to download apps. But, these downloaded apps can only be used with the built-in screencasting system. In other words, these are just small-sized apps with a single feature. How is it beneficial?

You can log in to all the apps on your other device, like the Android Smartphone. Even if the subscription you have has a limited device login (like 1, 2, or 4) and all are occupied, you can still use it. Yes, you can still use the cast feature from your phone to use it on your Vizio Smart TV. It won’t disable because you have reached your max number of devices, either. Technically, you’re using a phone.

So, this feature is suitable for people who have limited access to apps on their phones. But, they want to enjoy it on the big screen. Now, how do you do it?

  • First, check if your Vizio SmatCast TV comes with pre-installed apps. For instance, it should already have popular ones like Hulu and Netflix.
  • If it isn’t available on your TV, open your mobile phone. Now, go to the app you want to cast. Open it, and if you don’t own it, install it from the app store of your phone.
  • Next up, select the cast option in the App.

Remember that this option to cast VIA apps will only be cast through the app. Your entire screen of the phone won’t get cast.

So, you don’t have to worry about notifications and other disturbances on the big screen. Once the episode or movie ends, the casting will stop in most cases.

4. Deleting The Apps From Your Vizio Smart TV

Vizio Smart TV Menu Options

We thought it would be ideal for you to learn how to delete the apps too. After all, the need to delete an app can arise. Maybe you want to try other apps and don’t have space. Perhaps you have grown bored of the app or run out of subscriptions. Whatever the reason, you can delete or uninstall apps from your Vizio TV. Here’s how:

  • All you need to do is navigate to the My Apps option on your Vizio Smart TV.
  • There, you will find all the apps. Select the one (Highlight) that you want to delete.
  • You can press the OK button if that opens the Submenu. If not, then find the option to open the Submenu. It is the extra commands you will get.
  • Select the ‘Delete’ option, and proceed by pressing OK.

Wait for the app to uninstall. That’s all you need to do.

Conclusion – Vizio Smart TV How To Add Apps

Now you know everything about app management or the menu button to get apps for the Vizio tv remote. So, next time you want to know how to download apps on Vizio smart TV, this guide will always be here to help you out. 

Remember, this article was about getting apps on your TV, not about how to smart cast and other similar guidelines. Nor did it cover how to get the Vizio smart TV remote app. 

We also make sure to bring you the best-in-class information. These are up to date to match your specific requirements. So, go ahead and download or install all the apps that you can for your Vizio Smart TV or Smart Cast.