Factory Reset A Comcast Xfinity X1 Remote: Easy Ways To Fix

There are times when the Comcast Xfinity remote X1 stops working abruptly. You try to hit buttons over and again and they remain unresponsive, leaving you to wonder what could possibly cause this. When you’re facing this issue, you might be convinced to factory reset your remote. 

While resetting the remote erases its settings and programs and basically rolls it back to its default state, this method is the perfect solution to your problem.

In this guide, we will discuss the steps to reset the remote and a few other workarounds to fix Factory Reset a Comcast Xfinity X1 Remote.

Why is My Xfinity Remote Not Working?

Xfinity remotes have different models with different TVs and the services they offer also vary based on that. You might face issues when using these services, no matter which model you are using. There are different events that can make your remote stop responding. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Remote Programming – One of the common reasons why Xfinity remote fails to work is when the remote is programmed for the associated TV set. To get rid of this issue, you will need to ensure proper programming of your remote.
  • Batteries Not Working – The issue with the Xfinity remote batteries is another major reason why your remote is not responding. If you are facing the remote not working issue, it might be an indication that it is loaded with dead batteries and thus, has no power.
  • App / Remote Issue – There are scenarios when the Xfinity remote does not work problem occurs due to some issue with the remote or the app. To resolve this, you need to reset the Xfinity remote. 

So, these are the common grounds where the Xfinity remote not working problem originates. 

Easy Ways to Fix Xfinity Remote X1 Not Working Issue

While you might jump to the reset process to fix the Xfinity remote issue, it is better to put this idea on hold and try other solutions.

Resetting will erase the data like settings, programming, and pairings from your Xfinity which you might not even need. Check out these quick methods that can give you a hand in bringing your remote back to power.

Reboot Your Xfinity Device

The problem with Xfinity devices like smartphones or computers or the app can cause your remote to stop working. You can reboot your Xfinity device to relaunch the system and refresh the app. Here are the steps to do that:

  • Pull the power cord of your Xfinity device out while it is on.
  • Leave it be for a few seconds.
  • Plug the device back in.

You can follow this method and check if your system is back to its ideal state. In case it isn’t, you can use the next solution for your help.

Change Xfinity Remote Batteries

This one goes without saying but we would like to mention it. Poor batteries make for the common problem behind the Xfinity remote control failure. If the status light on your remote is blinking red when you press a button, it indicates that the batteries are low. 

When batteries run low, they don’t necessarily make the remote stop working completely but rather partially, for example, unresponsive remote buttons. So, you can change the batteries and be done with the remote not working issue.

Reset Xfinity Setup Box

If resetting your Xfinity remote turned out to be unfavorable, then it might be your Xfinity setup box asking for a fix. To reset your Xfinity box, all you have to do is simply press and hold the reset button on the setup box for 5 seconds. 

You can also reset your Xfinity setup box through the app in the Xfinity “My Account” section. If the voice control in your remote is functional then you can simply ask “Restart TV box” for a quick fix.

Maintain the Sightline Between Your Xfinity Remote and Xfinity Device

To fix the Xfinity Comcast X1 remote not working issue, you might just need to keep your remote close enough to the device.

The Xfinity remote uses an infrared signal for some buttons which need a sightline between the end of the remote and the device. Any kind of obstruction between the two can welcome the issue you’re facing. 

Remove any object that is blocking the front of the TV or the front of the Xfinity device. Also, make sure the remote is close enough to your Xfinity device and TV. Keeping the distance short also helps when the Xfinity remote batteries are draining. 

How to Factory Reset a Comcast Xfinity X1 Remote

How to Reset Xfinity Remote XR16

  • Hit the “Home” button and the (i) button together and let the remote light turn green.
  • Now, press the power button.
  • Press the “Back” button.
  • Press the (-) minus volume button and let the remote light blink blue and turn off.

Once done, your Xfinity remote XR16 reset will be complete.

Factory Reset a Comcast Xfinity X1 Remote

How to Reset Xfinity XR15

  • Press the (A) and (D) buttons together and let the LED  light turn green.
  • Now, press the 9, 8, and 1 buttons and wait for the light to blink blue.
  • Press Xfinity and (i) button together and wait till the light changes to green.
  • A 5-digit code will appear on your TV now. Enter it using your remote and then press Ok.
  • Follow the screen instructions.
How to Reset Xfinity XR15

How to Reset Xfinity XR2, XR5 and XR11

  • Press and hold the “Setup” button and wait till the LED light turns green.
  • Press the 9, 8, and 1 buttons and the LED light will blink green twice.
How to Reset Xfinity XR2, XR5 and XR11

Are You Still Facing the Xfinity Remote Not Working Issue?

If you’ve tried the workarounds to fix your Xfinity remote control issue and it still won’t go away, then perhaps you need to replace your faulty remote with a new one to start over.

You can have your dysfunctional remote replaced using the manufacturer’s warranty. To do that, you can use chat support to communicate the issue you’re facing to the Xfinity assistant. They can help you perform the troubleshooting and assist you with the next step.

Final Thoughts

While it is more often a quick battery replacement that boils down to the solution, you can also try to reboot the device and make sure your Xfinity TV and the remote do not have any obstruction between them to maintain the signal. 

If nothing works out then you can count on a factory reset of your Xfinity remote. These solutions will hopefully breathe life back into your Xfinity remote and you will be able to continue with the entertainment. When everything fails, this is your sign to reach out to Xfinity chat support.