5 Easy Steps To Watch ESPN App On LG TV

After a grueling long day in this capitalist world, getting an energetic dosage of entertainment and sporting moments from the ESPN app on LG TV can quickly replenish sports fans.

But watching your favorite UFC, NBA, and NFL episodes and live matches on your newly purchased LG Smart TV can be a hassle if you don’t have the ESPN+ app installed.

Through this article, we will guide you through some easy steps employing which you can use the ESPN App easily on LG TV. So without any further ado, let’s dive into it.

espn app on lg tv

What are ESPN and ESPN Plus?

What are ESPN and ESPN Plus?

For those new to the world of sports, ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network), owned by Disney and Hearst Communication, is one of the most successful Sports cable channels that broadcast live sports and other sports-related media in over 200 countries.

  • The ESPN cable channel comes free with any satellite subscription bundle and offers live coverage of the most popular sporting events, from college sports to international soccer, cricket matches, tennis player documentaries, etc. 
  • But recently, ESPN realized they had to reposition themselves to compete in this digital, cord-cutting era as cable package revenues dropped. That’s where ESPN+ comes in.
ESPN+ Website Home Screen

The streaming subscription service ESPN+ is one of the 16 sister channels of the vast ESPN network. It is different from ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN News cable channels. Consider it an extension of the usual ESPN app that includes live games, exclusive ondemand content, and access to what was once known as ESPN Insider.

Some noteworthy inclusions in ESPN+ over the regular ESPN app are given below:

  • Exclusive video material, including live games, ondemand programs, and exclusive stories, is available on ESPN+. Sadly, ads are a part of live broadcasts, just as they are on conventional television.
  • In seasons when those leagues have active schedules, subscribers may watch live broadcasts of MLB, NHL, and MLS games; no live broadcasts of NBA or NFL games are available. Tennis, PGA golf, UFC, college football, and international soccer are other popular sports.
  • ESPN+’s original programming includes in-depth game recaps and analysis presented by Peyton Manning and Daniel Cormier and a condensed version of “NFL Primetime,” in addition to live games. As well as complete replays of previous NFL games, documentary shows like “30 for 30” may be accessed on demand.

Is ESPN App Available On LG Smart TVs via LG Content Store?

LG Content Store
  • The ESPN+ App that streams sports entertainment media from your ESPN+ subscription bundle is not currently available for native download on LG Smart TVs.
  • There is no ESPN app for WebOS, i.e., the operating system that provides a platform for the download and installation of TV apps on LG TV.
ESPN app not found in LG COntent Store
  • Fortunately, even if your LG Smart TV doesn’t support ESPN+, there are still a few ways to stream content from the sports programming network on your TV.
  • You can connect a streaming device to your TV or use ESPN on your portable device to mirror the screen.
  • Until ESPN+ is available on the LG Content Store, you’ll have to rely on one of these workarounds.

How to Sign Up for an ESPN+ Subscription?

Before we learn about the different methods of watching Sports media using the ESPN app on LG TV, it is imperative to understand the process of creating an ESPN account using the steps given below:

  • Make sure your mobile or desktop is connected to the Wi-Fi network for a stable Internet connection.
  • Open any browser and head to the ESPN Plus Home Page.
Subscribe to ESPN+ Subscription Bundle
  • Select the Subscribe Now button from the left panel.
Sign Up using new details or Log In using existing credentials
  • If you have an ESPN account, click Log In and enter your username and password.
Log In to your ESPN+ Account
  • If you are new to ESPN, simply click the Sign Up Now button.
Fill Up the form for Signing up in ESPN+
  • Enter the required credentials, email address, and a strong password.
  • Accept the license and click on Sign Up to confirm.
  • Complete the payment using a credit card or Paypal and fill up the billing information.
  • Check the information and make sure you choose the right plan. ESPN Plus shows your bill and renewal date.
  • If everything works, you’ll see a success page.
  • To watch ESPN Plus, click on the Get Started icon.

How to Watch ESPN on LG TV

Before going through the alternative methods of getting the ESPN app on LG TV, make sure you own an account with a valid ESPN+ subscription. After you sit down with your ESPN credentials, follow the instructions given under each method properly to watch ESPN on your LG Smart TV.

  1. Stream ESPN Using the Default Browser On LG Smart TV
  2. Use Apple AirPlay To Enjoy ESPN App on LG Smart TVs
  3. Watch ESPN via Streaming Devices
  4. Watch ESPN Channel on LG TV Using Mobile Devices
  5. Get ESPN App on LG TV Using a Laptop

1. Stream ESPN Using the Default Browser On LG Smart TV

Since your LG TV runs everything using the WebOS interface, the Smart TV also includes an internet browser through which you can browse any website you want.

Through this method, we will tell you how to use the WebOS browser to navigate the ESPN Plus website and enjoy your sports from there. Follow the instruction given below:

Open the Internet Browser from the LG TV Home Screen
  • Press the Home button on the remote, and select the Internet Browser icon under App List using the arrow keys.
  • Press the OK button to open it.
Type ESPN address using keyboard or LG remote
  • Navigate the cursor towards the address bar, and type “https://plus.espn.com/ in the empty field.
  • Use a keyboard if you have a hard time typing with the remote.
Log In to your ESPN+ Account
  • Login to your ESPN+ account by clicking the button on the left pane and entering the ESPN credentials.
  • You will be taken to the ESPN home screen if your Login is successful.
  • You may now use the search box to locate the video you want to view, and after you have found it, you can begin playing it to determine whether your ESPN+ subscription is functioning correctly.

2. Use Apple AirPlay To Enjoy ESPN App on LG Smart TVs

Apple AirPlay is the built-in feature of every LG Smart TV available in the recent market. Through the AirPlay mode, you can share content and mirror your screen directly from your iPhone or iPad devices to the LG television.

Although this method doesn’t require any wired medium (USB or HDTV Cable) to share the mobile screen, the TV and the iOS device should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. So enable your WiFi connection and follow the steps given below to enjoy the ESPN App on LG TV:

Connect your iPhone to the same WiFi as LG Smart TV
  • Connect your iPhone/iPad to the home WiFi.
Install ESPN on iOS devices frm App Store
  • Download the ESPN+ app available on the App Store.
Log In to ESPN+ Account in ESPN App
  • Log In to your ESPN+ subscribed account using your noted credentials.
Press the Gear remote button to open LG TV Settings
  • Head to the LG Smart television and press the gear icon on the remote to open the TV Settings.
Connect LG TV to same WiFi as iOS for AirPlay
  • Select the Network: Connect to Wireless option and connect to the same WiFi network.
Press the Home Key on the LG Smart TV Remote
  • Proceed to the home screen of the LG TV using the home button on the remote.
Open the Home Dashboard on LG TV
  • Move all the way to the left and select the Home Dashboard icon beside the Search button.
  • Press the Up arrow button to progress further.
Open Airplay on LG TVs
  • Select the AirPlay icon and click on OK.
Change AirPlay Settings on LG Smart TVs
  • Once in the AirPlay menu, you can open the AirPlay & HomeKit Settings.
Enable AirPlay on LG Television
  • Ensure the AirPlay option is enabled, and you can change relevant options according to your preferences.
Screen Mirroring on iPhone devices using AirPlay
  • Pick up your iOS device and swipe down from the top to open the notification center.
  • Tap on the Screen Mirroring button.
  • The iOS device will begin scanning for devices available on the same WiFi network.
Select the LG TV from the list of wireless devices
  • Select your LG television from the displayed device list.
Type AirPlay code from LG TV on iPhone
  • Enter the Airplay Code on the iPhone as displayed on the TV screen and tap OK.
Successful screen mirroring using AirPlay on LG TVs
  • Your ESPN app will now be visible on the LG television screen.
  • Control the app using your smartphone, and view live matches seamlessly without any noticeable lags.

3. Watch ESPN via Streaming Devices

Another creative way of making the ESPN+ app watchable on your LG Smart TV is connecting a separate streaming device to your television via a wired connection and using the interface of the streaming device to run the ESPN+ app.

Although this method is more expensive than the others since you also need a streaming device, the input lag and buffering are negligible since there is no mediating device.

The ESPN App is available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Google Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, and Samsung Smart TV. In this section, we will talk about how to set up ESPN on 3 prominent streaming devices: Roku, Amazon Firestick, and Chromecast.

Using ESPN App On Roku

Connecting Roku Stick to LG Smart TV
  • Firstly, connect the Roku stick to the HDMI port at the back of your LG Smart TV and the USB power connection.
Press Input Button to change LG TV Source
  • Press the Input button on the LG Magic remote while on the home screen to display all the input ports.
Change Input Mode to HDMI depending on connected port number
  • Select the Roku Stick option according to the HDMI port number.
Go to Home Screen on Roku
  • Take the Roku remote in your hand, and press the home button.
  • Ensure that the Roku is connected to the Internet.
Open Streaming Channels for Content Store on Roku
  • Scroll down and select Streaming Channels to launch the Channel Store.
Search for ESPN in Roku store
  • Head to the Search Channels, type ESPN, and select the ESPN Roku app.
Select ESPN from search list in Roku
  • Press OK 2 times to add the channel to your home screen.
Add ESPN channel to Roku
  • Head to the home screen and open the ESPN app.
Log In to your ESPN+ Account
  • Log in with your credentials, and stream your favorite sports moments directly on your LG Smart TV.

Using ESPN App On Amazon Firestick

Connect Amazon Firestick to LG Smart TVs
  • Connect the Amazon Firestick directly to the HDMI port present behind your TV.
  • Connect the micro USB from the Firestick to the USB port for the power supply.
Change Input Mode to HDMI depending on connected port number
  • Power on your LG Smart TV, and change the Input mode to HDMI1/HDMI2/HDMI3 depending on the connected port.
Launch Amazon Firestick on LG TVs
  • The Amazon Firestick will boot up, and you will be directed to the default home screen.
Head to Apps section and voice search for ESPN app
  • Head to the Apps category using the direction buttons of the Firestick remote.
  • Hold the voice search button on your remote and say “ESPN app.”
Install ESPN app in Firestick
  • Select the ESPN app and press OK. After the download completes, press the middle button to open it.
Launch ESPN on LG TV using Firestick
  • Sign Up for ESPN+ on Firestick after using your Amazon password and 2 Factor authentication code.
  • Watch your favorite content from the ESPN+ subscription right at home on your LG Smart TV.

Using ESPN App On Chromecast

Connect Chromecast to LG TV
  • Connect the Chromecast’s power cable to the wall outlet.
  • Connect the Chromecast to your TV’s HDMI port.
Connect the CHromecast to same WiFi network as smart device
  • Connect your smart device to the same Wi-Fi network as Chromecast.
Change Input mode to HDMI for LG TV to detect Chromecast
  • Turn on the LG Smart TV, and change the source to HDMI through the Input button.
  • Open Google Home on the smart device.
Google Chromecast successful connection with LG TV
  • Your Chrome device will be immediately searched for by Google home. Once the device has been located, choose Continue.
  • A code will show on both your television and smart device. Select That’s My Code in the Chromecast App if the two numbers are the same.
  • Download the ESPN App from the Apps section, and launch it.
  • Log In to your ESPN+ bundle using your email and password, and enjoy the ESPN app on LG TV.

4. Watch ESPN Channel on LG TV Using Mobile Devices

If you don’t own a streaming device, then the other most accessible method to enjoy ESPN+ on LG TV is by mirroring the screen from your mobile device wirelessly to your television.

This setup will face a slight visual lag due to the difference in resolution and refresh rate but is obviously more affordable than a streaming device. Follow the steps given below to stream ESPN to LG TV from Android and iOS devices:

Stream ESPN on LG Smart TV using an Android

  • Turn on your LG television and head to the home screen.
Press Input button on LG Remote
  • Press the Input button on your remote to find the different ways any device can connect to your Smart TV.
Choose Screen Share from LG Input options
  • Select the Screen Share option and open it.
Install ESPN app from Google Play Store
  • Unlock your Android device and download the ESPN app from the Google Play Store if you haven’t done already.
  • Open the ESPN App and log in with your email and password.
Enable Screen Cast on Android from the notification icons
  • Pull down the notification bar from the top of your Android device screen to open the notification area.
  • Expand the QS tiles by pulling them down again.
  • Find the Screen Cast icon among the Quick Setting Tiles by swiping left or right.
  • Tap the icon to find which devices are available around you where you can share the Android screen.
Select LG TV option for screen mirroring from Android
  • Select your LG WebOS option listed at the top, and tap on it to begin screen mirroring.
Successful Screen cast from Android to LG Smart TV
  • Your Android screen will now be visible on your LG LED screen in portrait mode, and you can change it to landscape mode by rotating your Android device.
  • Stream whichever content you want from your ongoing ESPN+ subscription, and see it directly on the LG television.

Stream ESPN on LG TV using iPhone or iPad

  • Ensure that your Smart TV and iOS devices are connected to the same WiFi network.
Download the LG TV Screen Mirroring App on iOS device
Select LG TV option from the list
  • Select the name of your TV listed at the top.
Successful connection message on LG TV with iPhone
  • A welcome animation will be shown on your LG screen saying that You Are Now Connected.
Allow Notifications on Screen Mirroring App on iPhone
  • Select Allow Notifications on your iPhone to enable successful screen mirroring.
Start Recording to share screen
  • Press the Screen Recording Button in the middle.
Selet Mirror LG TV and Start Broadcast
  • Select the Mirror LG TV option and tap on Start Broadcast.
  • Launch the ESPN app on the iOS home screen to use it on LG TV and enjoy cheering for your favorite teams.

5. Get ESPN App on LG TV Using a Laptop

Like mobile devices, you can use the ESPN app on your laptop and connect it to your LG TV via HDMI to project the laptop display on the big screen. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • For this method to work correctly, you need a 1-meter male-to-male spare HDMI cable similar to the one shown above and a laptop that supports an HDMI connection.
Connect one end of HDMI with LG TV
  • Connect one end of the cable to an HDMI port behind the TV display. (Note the port number).
Connect other end of HDMI with laptop
  • Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to your laptop as shown.
  • Press Windows + P or Command + F1 shortcut keys depending on the laptop OS (Windows and Mac, respectively) to begin projecting to an external screen.
Successful wired screen projection from laptop to LG Smart TV
  • The laptop screen will be visible fully on your TV.
Press the Home Key on the LG Smart TV Remote
  • If not, press the Home button on the remote.
Open Home Hashboard from LG Home Screen
  • Select the Home Dashboard option.
Shift the input method to the HDMI connected with Laptop
  • Click on the HDMI connection to which your PC has been connected
  • Launch the ESPN website from any Internet browser, and have your daily dose of entertainment on a much wider LG screen.