Do Vizio TVs Have Bluetooth: 4 Best Methods

Nowadays, most Smart TVs have innovative features that meet users’ needs. A part like this is Bluetooth.

You can connect your cell phone and other electronic connections like headphones and MP3 players to your TV via Bluetooth. For instance, you can install the remote app from your cellphone and use it on your TV after pairing it through Bluetooth with the device.

do vizio tvs have bluetooth

The straightforward answer is that most Vizio TVs support Bluetooth if, like most people, you’re curious about it. Continue reading to learn more about Vizio TV’s Bluetooth capabilities.

Including what kind of Bluetooth it offers and how to activate it. Do Vizio TVs have Bluetooth?

What you must Know About Vizio TVs; Bluetooth Before You Buy 

Before purchasing a Vizio TV, if you’re deliberately seeking a TV with a Bluetooth feature, there’s something you must be aware of. Although Vizio TVs support Bluetooth, only Bluetooth LE devices are controlled. They are a reduced variety of Bluetooth, which explains why.

The distinction between a standard and a Bluetooth LE device is that the latter may retain the same transmission distance while consuming significantly less power. Although Bluetooth LE devices consume the same amount of RF as conventional Bluetooth devices, their modulation schemes are far more straightforward.

You should ensure a Bluetooth device is reduced before joining it to your Vizio TV. This data should be accessible in the user guide or the manufacturer’s official site for your gadget.

Which Vizio TVs Have Bluetooth?

Nearly all Vizio smart TVs support Bluetooth LE (low-energy). To put it another way, they solely assist Bluetooth LE gadgets.

Which Vizio TVs Have Bluetooth?

Some of them—particularly the older ones—are not Bluetooth-enabled gadgets.

Checking the instruction booklet or the remotely controlled features is one of the best ways to determine if your Vizio TV is Bluetooth-capable.

How will we get to Know if our Vizio TV Has Bluetooth?

Here are all the fundamental methods you may rely on to find out whether your Vizio TV has Bluetooth in case you’re interested:

  1. Check the Internet
  2. Check the TV Remote
  3. Check the TV Manual
  4. Check your TV Settings

1. Check the Internet

Go to the Vizio official site and type in the TV number. Check the features of the product after that.

Vizio official site

You may also use Google to find the branded product and examine the data there. Make sure you are referencing credible information.

2. Check the TV Remote

Check the TV Remote

Yet another good solution would be to examine the remote control for your TV. Don’t ever use your cable box’s power, though. Alternatively, look for the Vizio remote that arrived with your TV and see if it offers smart TV choices.

Intelligent TV choices on the remote control indicate that the TV supports Bluetooth functionality.

3. Check the TV Manual

You can find out if your TV has Bluetooth and what kind of Bluetooth it supports by consulting the user manual. It will also provide you with more crucial details.

Although this is a very successful approach, if you’ve misplaced the handbook, you can choose from the ones we’ve mentioned above.

4. Check Your TV Settings

You can find the correct information by checking the TV’s preferences as a substitute. To make that happen, adhere to these easy steps:

  • On the TV remote, click the Power button.
  • Select Settings from the menu choices. You should choose System Setting or Product Support.
Look for controllers & Bluetooth devices
  • Decide between System information and customer support.

Follow the steps mentioned below if your Vizio TV runs Android:

  • Hit the “Help” key on your remote control.
  • Choose System Information or Troubleshooting and Diagnosis.

What To Consider About Using Bluetooth Headphones With A Vizio TV 

Bluetooth is a feature that almost all wireless headphones have. Many individuals prefer to use headphones when viewing a film to enjoy the theatrical experience while minimizing household disturbance entirely. A few factors should be considered while selecting the best headsets to use with your Vizio TV.

The range of your TV ought to be the most significant factor. Due to the class of the headphones, the transmission distance will vary. Bluetooth-compatible headsets can be divided into three categories: 

  • Category 1- (100 mW): 100 m
  • Category 2- (2.5 mW): 10 m 
  • Category 3- (1 mW): within 10 m
What To Consider About Using Bluetooth Headphones With A Vizio TV

Although the majority of Headsets give at least a 10 m reach, it’s crucial to be aware that obstructions could get in the line. The transmit power of your headsets may weaken due to these obstructions. You might hear less sound when you use the headsets in some rooms.

You must, nevertheless, confirm that both the Vizio TV generation and the headsets can accept aptx tech if you want the optimum sound. Using your Bluetooth headsets will ensure the most satisfactory possible transmission of sound.

Examine the battery capacity and recharge time when using Bluetooth headsets; this is important to remember.

How to elevate Bluetooth on Your Vizio TV?

You don’t need to attach an adapter to connect a transmitter if your Vizio TV has Bluetooth. Move ahead and configure the wireless capability once you’re ready to connect your TV with the headphones or soundbar. Follow the steps listed below:

  • Click the Home button on the Vizio TV remote.
  • Go to the tv’s settings menu, then select Network & Accessories from the drop-down menu bar.
  • Select Bluetooth Settings under Settings by navigating there. Choose ON from the menu.
Go to settings and look for bluetooth options
  • You have configured your Vizio TV and are prepared to connect your Bluetooth device.

Do Vizio TVs Have Bluetooth for Headphones/Speakers?

Bluetooth headsets are available on a few Vizio TVs. Nevertheless, if you don’t possess some fundamental knowledge, you may be unable to effectively link the headsets with your Vizio TV.

To use your Bluetooth headsets remotely, ensure the gadgets are within a 30-foot range of each other. Following that, don’t forget to push the Bluetooth button.

If your Vizio TV does not already have Bluetooth built-in, you’ll need to buy an additional Bluetooth adapter and attach it to your TV.

Can You Put a Bluetooth Adapter on Vizio TV?

You must buy and attach the TV Bluetooth adaptor after ensuring that the TV is incapable of supporting this. With this gadget, you can transfer audio without Bluetooth on both the receiving and sending devices.

Bluetooth Adapter

After confirming that the emitter is compliant with your Vizio-enabled Bluetooth, link the devices. To achieve that, follow these steps:

  • In addition to the device, you want to pair and turn off the TV and the adaptor.
  • Before connecting it to your TV, set it on the Bluetooth transmitter.
  • TV and Bluetooth device should both be powered on.
  • To pair an adaptor, follow the instructions given. Check that the pairing mode is enabled on both the TV and the Bluetooth device.
  • Examine your Bluetooth adaptor.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Vizio TV?

When connecting Bluetooth headsets to a Vizio TV, you get two choices. Think about whether the TV has an integrated Bluetooth device.

Built-In Bluetooth

The best procedures to use when pairing Bluetooth headsets with Vizio TVs that have built-in Bluetooth are as follows:

  • Hold down the Bluetooth toggle on the headsets to start pairing mode after ensuring they are inside 30 feet of the TV.
Hold down the Bluetooth toggle on the headsets
  • Go to the Settings menu on the provided remote.
  • Get into Speaker List, choose Sound Output, search for and choose Headphones.
choose Headphones
  • Choosing Pair & Connect.
Choose your device name and then pair it

No Built-in Bluetooth

If your TV isn’t equipped with built-in Bluetooth, you must first buy a Bluetooth adaptor that works with your TV before proceeding with the steps listed below:

  • Incorporate the adapter with the power supply.
  • To your Vizio TV, attach the adaptor.
  • Place the headsets in pairing mode (Use the booklet for mode-specific moves).
  • Set up Bluetooth pairing on your adaptor (Use the manual here too).
  • Make sure that the adaptor and headsets are near one another.

Connecting A Bluetooth Soundbar To Vizio TV 

Vizio televisions in circulation today feature Bluetooth LE. This is a low-energy Bluetooth level. Therefore, it is unable to connect successfully to a Bluetooth soundbar.

Connecting A Bluetooth Soundbar To Vizio TV

On the other hand, you can link your smartphone to your Vizio TV. The primary use of the Bluetooth feature on the Vizio TV is to link up with the VIZIO SmartCast mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. You may use this app to remotely operate your Vizio TV from your mobile device.

As a result, a soundbar and Vizio TV can be connected via wire. For a wired network, S/PDIF or analog cable are the two choices.

Connecting the Device to the Audio Port on Your TV

Suppose the ports on your Bluetooth speaker and Vizio Smart TV are compatible. In that case, you can link your Bluetooth module audio system straight to your TV’s Audio port to broadcast audio from your Vizio Smart TV on your Bluetooth soundbar.

You can connect your sound bar to your TV to listen to music using a 3.5 mm RCA cable if your Vizio television has a white and red audio connector and your speakers have an auxiliary port.

How To Connect Laptop To Vizio smart TV Smartphone

The Smart View feature on the majority of Android phones will let you link to a Smart TV. You’ll find a list of phones under the Smart View menu. Start watching your favorite movies once you’ve chosen your Vizio Smart TV!

Based on the brand and model of your android phone, several procedures may be required to connect it. These instructions were for Samsung galaxy.

How To join Wireless Headphones To Vizio TV With Bluetooth

  • Initiate the Bluetooth pairing process by first turning on the headphones.
  • Utilizing the TV remote, go to the TV’s Menu Settings.
go to the TV's Menu Settings.
  • You can find the Sounds Menu by clicking on the Menu Settings.
  • Find your Bluetooth headphones by clicking on the Speakers tab.
Find your Bluetooth headphones
  • You are now ready to begin after choosing your headphones from the list.

Final Thoughts

Your suitable mobile phone can be associated with the Vizio TV once the Vizio Smartcast app has been downloaded.

Ensure your gadget is Bluetooth LE by checking the instructions before attempting to join it with a Vizio TV. Your Vizio TV will not be interoperable with any traditional Bluetooth devices. You may operate your Vizio from anywhere after Bluetooth is activated.