5 Best Fixes For DIRECTV Error Code 775

DIRECTV Error Code 775

DirecTV is undoubtedly the ultimate choice of entertainment for almost any household. And with that one can lavishly say, DirecTV is their favorite source to catch all the live action, soccer, reality TV, and whatnot.

But hold on a second, you don’t want to miss the all-important live streams once your DirecTV goes OFF.

Worry not, today we will be discussing what you should do when your DirecTV Error Code 775, apart from staying calm.

Debunking the DIRECTV Error Code 775

Before we really take a deep dive into resolving the DirecTV error code, we ought to highlight what the 775 Error Code really means.

This usually happens when your receiver is unable to connect with the satellite dish due to some atmospheric calamity. The receiver tries its best to connect with the satellite but is of no use, giving viewers the dismal screen message of ‘Error 775’.

Why Am I Experiencing the DIRECTV Error Code 775?

Although you should not be experiencing this abject misery for longer as the receiver reconnects on its own with the satellite, however, if it takes longer (the reason for which you are here today reading this), you may want to take the baby steps dished below.

Or, you could be experiencing some maintenance issues (for which there is only one cure, also mentioned below).

Public Enemy #1: Storms and Harsh Weather 

Of course, you’re experiencing the ‘green light’ go crazy because the weather gods decided to rain showers so as to break the connection between receiver and satellite. When this happens, try to keep the main receiver turned OFF for some time.

Feeble Web connection and Weak Signals

The most usual suspect which causes an Error Code 775 on your DirecTV screen is a weak internet connection or low signal strength from the source.

Faulty Receiver and/or Satellite Dish

A faulty receiver really needs replacement as quickly as possible otherwise you may not only miss out on the episode of True Detective, you might as well get the receiver wrecked completely.

Damaged Receiver Port

A damaged receiver port or SAT IN can also play the notorious role of giving the error code screen as the outlet/inlet wire jackets may be worn off, destroyed, or filled with dust.

Power Outlet Malfunction

The power outlet is at the heart of your entire home screen entertainment. A faulty power outlet may cause electrical issues which may even fry your whole set-up. Make sure you have an adequate power supply, to begin with.

Cable box Overheating

Recurrent turning OFF an ON or continuously powered receiver may cause the cable box to overheat and result in performance issues. These can ultimately lead to the Error Code.

Fixing the DIRECTV Error Code 775

Enough with the diagnosis and the causes; let’s delve into resolving Error Code 775 for your DirecTV. Following the 5 commandments can really uplift you from the misery bringing you to this post.

  1. Wait Out the Storm
  2. Double-check Loose Connections
  3. Re-plug the Swim Power Inserter (SWM Port)
  4. Unplug then, Re-plug Cables Connecting the Device
  5. Call for Technical Support

1. Wait Out the Storm

Patience is key. You can either wait out the storm or… well, you have no option apart from waiting out the storm. 

Climate change is your nemesis as it causes the major portion of all the interferences to and from your hardware device with the satellite.

2. Double-check Loose Connections

Look for any loose connections on the DirecTV receiver:

The first thing you should do is look for any loose connections on your DirecTV receiver. To do the troubleshooting, follow the instructions below to authenticate the cable:

  • Look for any loose cables on the back of your DirecTV receiver.
  • Examine the connections on the back of the DirecTV receiver to see if they are loose or incorrectly positioned. You can begin with the Satellite IN or SAT IN link.
  • Double-check that every single link and installation on the back of the DirecTV receiver is properly and securely wired in.
  • Restart your DirecTV to see if the error code 775 has been resolved.

3. Re-plug the Swim Power Inserter (SWM Port)

Connections with SWIM power inserter exhibiting multiple outlets.

You need to connect a power outlet to a Swim power inserter that is connected to the wires leading to DirecTV satellite dishes.

The DirecTV error 775 should occur if the Swim Power Inserter is either not situated in the same room or in far proximity as compared to your DirecTV receiver, or even if it is not properly inserted into the power outlet. You must try the Swim power inserter loop to repair it.

  • Detach the power outlet from the Swim power inserter.
  • Re-plug the Swim power inserter into the outlet and turn it on after about 30 seconds.
  • Restart your DirecTV TV to ensure that DirecTV error 775 has been removed.

4. Unplug then, Re-plug Cables Connecting the Device

Green light on reciever device with its connections unplugged.

This can be the best and most reliable fix for your DirecTV Error 775. I mean who doesn’t know how to unplug and then re-plug the colorful wires back in? But then again, we’re here for that and follow the lead responsibly as mentioned:

  • To begin, you must ensure that your DirecTV receiver is operational by inspecting the rear cords.
  • You must keep track of all the linkages that are either weakly connected or wrongly connected. After that, it’s best to start using SAT mode.
  • Ensure that every network connection used on the back end of your DirecTV receiver terminal is safe and reliable and that the signals are passed through the cables flawlessly.
  • Turn on your television once the wires are connected to see if the issue has been resolved.

5. Call for Technical Support

When all else fails, there’s only one last knight in shining armor to save you; Call the maintenance guy. Yep, you heard that right.

The sorts of troubles you cannot reach to fix can be exquisitely undone by your DirecTV service provider. So just don’t hesitate, call customer support pronto.


Moving towards the end of the line, we are sure your problem is solved by now and you are reading the conclusion in a relieved state of mind.

However, in case your DirecTV persistently gives the Error Code 775, and you are adamant about getting it fixed, you ought to go through the article again. By following these steps, we hope the DirecTV error code is resolved and the TV show you’ve been missing, is back on.