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Best Heaters to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

Best Heaters to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

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Best Heaters to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

Best Heaters to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

The windy weather of late autumn starts hitting your bones even before you realize the autumn has started. During this time to have a comfortable sleep turning on the heater is a necessity.

There are various types of the heater but in this article, we will present to you the ones which can save energy. Keep reading to know about energy saving heaters and to get ideas on some of the best heaters in the market.  

List of the best energy saving heaters is given below.




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Best Heaters to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

Dr. Infrared Heater

1500 watt heater

Heating method: Radiant

Corded electric power source

Best Heaters to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient


1500 watts

Oscillating portable heater

Energy saving ECO mode

Best Heaters to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient


Oil filled heater


Full room heater

1500 watts

Best Heaters to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient


Unique design

1500 watts

Convection heater

Best Heaters to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

Mr. Heater

Propane heater

4,000-9,000 BTU

Manual setup

1. Infrared Heater

Best Heaters to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

Infrared Heater is one of the most selling energy saving heaters. Let’s dig into its features. The auto energy saving model has a dual heating system featuring an infrared quartz tube. 

12-hour automatic shut-off timer ensures the optimum level of energy used. One can control the temperature from a distance with the help of an IR Remote control. Alongside heating a large room it has a super quiet noise level. You can also set the desired temperature from 50-86F.

It smartly selects the temperature between the ranges depending on the temperature of the room. There is a thermostat to regulate the heater and helps it to on and off to maintain the temperature. The heater is comfortable because it does not dry out skin like the convection heaters.

Apart from saving money and energy, the heater has tip-over protection and auto shut off overheat protection which leave no chance for an accident.


  • Gives a feeling of natural heating
  • 100 percent energy efficient
  • Easy to maintain
  • Heats up room fast and comfortably
  • Safety protection from overheating


  • Heavier, not easy to move

2.  TaoTronics

Best Heaters to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

TaoTronics oscillating heater is equipped with ceramic heating elements and heats up to 70 degrees F in 3 seconds to provide warmth for relatively small places. This heater is great to warm up the corner of the house with 70-degree oscillation which helps to heat from side to side.

An additional 7 degree tilted fan to increase the heat distribution by 20 percent. There are three heating modes to choose from which include high, low, and ECO mode. On ECO mode the space heater will automatically adjust the temperature depending on the difference between the temperature you have set and the room temperature.

This heater is built with multiple safety measures including an overheat protection sensor and a tip-over switch for safer operating conditions. You’ll have a noise free sleeping experience with this heater as the sound coming from it is lower than 45dB. The heater is portable and a great choice for saving energy.


  • Fast heating
  • Remote control
  • Energy saving mode
  • Auto power-off option
  • Quiet and easy portability


  • Can’t mute the beep sound

3. De’Longhi

Best Heaters to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

To heat any room of the house effectively and efficiently De’longhi portable oil-filled radiator is a good choice. The heater is designed to automatically maintain the optimal room temperature.

While the heater produces a vast amount of heat, it also ensures a low surface temperature, making the space safe for pets or kids. There is a user-friendly control panel offering an adjustable thermostat and three heat settings to customize the temperature.

Apart from saving energy, the heater can help to cut off the utility bills. It is easy to maintain because the oil system is permanently sealed. So, there’s no hassle to refill the heater. One can also enjoy peace of mind as the safety features include a thermostat that prevents overheating.


  • Effective heating
  • Assembled wheels which make it easier to move
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy saving mode


  • On the expensive side
  • The smell of oil may irritate you
  • Not controlled by remote

4.  Lasko

Best Heaters to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

Lasko heater proves that heaters can have a unique design and can be a great styling tool too for the house. This heater looks more like a piece of art and blends into the décor of the house with a stylish body.

There’s an adjustable thermostat allowing adjusting the heater’s 1500 watt ceramic heating element. One can select temperature from 60F to 85F or select maximum heat as per their need.

A built-in timer can be programmed from 1 hour to 7 hours which will automatically shut off the heater after reaching the desired temperature. The safety features ensure the space heater does not overheat.


  • Works through oscillating
  • Decorative metal work
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Built-in safety features
  • Remote control


  • Can leave the skin dry out

5. Mr. Heater

Best Heaters to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

About product: This heater runs on Propane unlike most of the models we have mentioned above. The portable heater can heat spaces to 225 sq. ft. It is specially engineered to give maximum output while maintaining a minimalistic carbon footprint. This most popular portable propane heater is ideal for use both in outdoor and indoor.

There’s an integrated Piezo sparking mechanism to take care of the operating system of the heater. The tip-over safety can keep you away from tension and ensure maximum comfort.


  • Energy efficient
  • Less expensive
  • Compact and portable
  • Good choice for tents


  • Not easy to set up
  • Can cause hazard if unauthorized accessories used

Buying Guide

  • What are energy saving heaters?  

Heaters are not a luxury item but every year people have to count a good amount for maintaining them. Energy saving heaters can cut off the bill and also have an impact to minimize the carbon footprint.

A central heating system is expensive and keeping it on for the whole night can be a lot of expense and a great deal of energy usage as well. So, to make the whole system energy efficient portable or standalone heaters are used.

Standalone heaters are used to heat a smaller space which uses less energy for keeping the room warm. It plays a supporting role to stop wastage of energy when you don’t need to keep every room of your house warm.  

  • Types of Heater

Space heaters can run on gas and electricity both. Gas heaters run with non-renewable fossil fuel which is less efficient than electric heaters. Gas heaters can also leak heat and fumes. But gas heaters are cheaper than electric heaters. Electric heaters are easier to set up and involve fewer hassles. Hence, they are the first choice of people. A quick and convenient heater is what everyone looks for.  

Personal heaters: Space heater is a good choice for people who want comfort during their working hour in office desk. It can offer 200-900W heat and good enough for one person. You can keep it in office cubicles.  

Smaller unit heater: This is a step up from personal heaters which offer more heat and can warm up a person or a whole room. A smaller heater works better than the personal heaters and can warm up the room quickly.  

Larger-sized heaters: Large sized space heaters offer about the same amount of heat as smaller units. The difference is they are not as portable as small heaters and take up good space. The best large size heaters can warm up the whole room in 15 minutes.   

Oil-filled heaters: Electricity heats the oil inside of oil-filled heaters so it doesn’t bun actual fuel. They are a good option if you want to heat a space for a long time though oil-filled heaters take time to warm up the room.  

  • Features

Usually space heaters are made of quarts ceramic or metallic heating elements. However, these do not have much impact on the heating efficiency. Rather, a space heater with a fan works the best because the fan radiates the heat faster.          

  • Thermostat

Look for a heater that has a thermostat. In fact, it is the primary thing to look for when you are buying an energy saving heater.  You can switch off once the room reaches the temperature you want through a remote.  

Other than all these looks for safety features such as the heat on the surface area in case you have babies and pets in the house.    


Heaters can cause accidents if the manufacturer’s safety guidelines are not followed. All the heaters mentioned above have no such records of accidents or hazards. You can choose anyone from all these safe options and enjoy the chilly weather. Alongside having comfort your house will become more energy efficient with an energy-saving heater.

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