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Best Energy Saving Window Films

Best Energy Saving Window Films

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Best Energy Saving Window Films

Best Energy Saving Window Films

 Window film is a thin laminated film to be installed on the surface of the window to serve a variety of purposes. It provides privacy, blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, and keeps the inside of the house cooler. The ones which can block the heat more efficiently are more energy saving. Because it creates less pressure on the air conditioners and stops the bill from skyrocketing. We are here to guide you through some of the best energy saving window films. 

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List of the best energy saving window films is given below:





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Best Energy Saving Window Films



Can be re-positioned multiple times 

UV protection

Partial privacy




Non adhesive 

Insulating window films 

No design, pure frosted color


Best Energy Saving Window Films

Lemon Cloud

Durable construction 


Unlimited patterns


d-c-fix Window Film Lancaster

d-c-fix Window Film Lancaster

Plastic material

Removable, repositionable and reusable

Offers privacy of varying degrees


BDF NA05 Window Film


6% Visual light transmission (VLT)

Dark window film 

99% UV rejection


1. Rabbitgoo

Best Energy Saving Window Films

The Rabbitgoo Window Privacy Film is the most selling window film with striking irregular patterns. It has a 3D design that creates a rainbow visual effect when sunlight shines through the window.

This is a cost-effective alternative option to heavy curtains or blinds. The premium PVC material rejects harmful UV and blocks out 84% of UVA rays and 99% of UVB rays. It also reduces the annoying glares effectively and protects the skin from getting directly exposed to sunlight.

The furniture remains protected from the scorching heat of the sun while keeping indoor of your house cooler. Hence, it is energy efficient and can be a great help to your air conditioner on hot days. Along with saving energy, it will provide partial privacy to blur the unwanted view.

The best part of it is the application process which statically clings to the surface without any glue. This simple peel and stick, easy to install window film are highly recommendable. 


  • Budget friendly 
  • Blocks the UVA & UVB rays effectively 
  • Gives partial privacy 
  • Needs no expert assistance for installation 
  • Extra durable 
  • Reusable 


  • Not suitable for people looking full privacy 

2. Coavas


The pure frosted color Coavas window film is committed to offering a great deal at the lowest possible price. Coavas home décor and furniture have a good reputation of standing up to the customer’s satisfaction.

This is an insulating window film reflecting the heat outwards in summer and preserving heat in winter. Coavas window film is the best one for saving energy and utility bills throughout the whole year.

The environmental PVC material of this window film can block moderate glares and 96% harmful UV rays. It can prevent the furniture from fading and allows soft light to enter the room. There is a distance effect designed to give privacy as well.

You'll have no trouble installing it because it needs no adhesive and can be removed without any residue. It’s an ideal and minimalist design window film perfect for bathroom, balcony, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and office.  


  • Affordable price range
  • Not patterned so easier to cut into pieces 
  • Environment friendly PVC material 
  • Can provide full privacy from a distance
  • Heat insulating and energy saving 


  • Can only block moderate glares 


Best Energy Saving Window Films

The Lemon Cloud 3D Windows films can bring magical changes to your house with the option of choosing a design from unlimited patterns. This window film will effectively diffuse direct sunlight and can resist up to 96% of harmful UV rays.

Getting a comfortable experience of soft sunshine in your personal space is very easy with Lemon cloud window films. Just paste the peeled smooth side of the window film and get instantly the beautiful windows.

Through this opaque film, you can see the shape of the person knocking at the door from inside. So, it is great for maintaining privacy. The floral tulip window film will not only complement your beautiful interior but also protect the furniture from fading out.

This vinyl film can be removed and reused as you want. And it won’t even leave your windows any stain.


  • 3D beautiful effect 
  • Floral patterns 
  • Can save energy by blocking the heat 
  • Easy application 
  • Best visual effect
  • Not so expensive 


  • Rated average for privacy level 
  • The floral pattern is not easy to cut into smaller pieces 

4. d-c-fix Window Film Lancaster

d-c-fix Window Film Lancaster

The d-c-fix Static Window Film Lancaster is a high-quality product made in Germany. This window film can be an alternative option for covering your window without expending a chunk of money on heavy curtains and blinds.

Along with resisting bleak sunshine, it will also add a decorative touch to your windows. The plastic material of the window film can block UV rays up to 95% and can reduce annoying glare. One of the best features of this window film is the grid lines on the peel-away part of it for precise measurements and cutting guidelines.

So, this can perfectly stick on window glasses with awkward shapes and sizes. You can buy this window film undoubtedly to make your space more energy efficient.


  • Have grid lines which works as measurement guide 
  • Easy to install 
  • Decorative pattern 
  • Can block UV rays 
  • Well rated from customers


  • Not on the economical side 

5. BDF NA05 Window Film

Buy decorative film

BDF NA05 window film is a black and very dark window film. This is extra dark and has a black finish which provides excellent daytime privacy. It has a very effective heat rejection capacity which helps to reduce cooling costs, especially in summer.

If your office and home get directly exposed to the sun, it is highly recommendable for you. Because it can block 99% of UV rays and provides an excellent sun blocking barrier to protect your precious furniture.

The window film comes with installation tools and a manual which make it easy to install. To get a more environmentally lifestyle by reducing energy usage is the best choice you will make.  


  • 99% UV rejection
  • 55% total solar energy rejection( TSER) 
  • Comes with installation tools 
  • Effective solar heat control saves the energy 
  • Strong adhesives make it durable 


  • Expensive 
  • Only provides day time privacy, so you’ll need curtains for nighttime 
  • Very dark window view 
  • Not compatible with dual pane 

Buying Guide

There are various types of window films and three main types are dyed, metalized, and ceramic film. The metalized or ceramic films can block the infrared rays and keep the temperature cooler while the dyed films will only provide privacy.  

  • Fix Intended Use

At first, decide why you need window films. The cost and features of your window films will depend upon your intended use. Once you have decided the purpose of using window films it is easier to compare among the options available.  

  • Energy Saving Properties

Insulating window films are a great option to save energy. Because these films help to keep the temperature warmer in winter, and cooler in summer.

In summer, it reflects sunlight outside and in winter it reflects the sunlight towards your home interior. Thus, it helps to keep the utility bill lower throughout the whole year.  

  • Measure Your Windows

Before buying window films take the measurement of your windows on which you need window films. Then, it gets easier to find rolled sheets that will cover an entire window and keeps the finishing clean and sharp.  

  • Features You Must Check

To compare the best window films you must check the total solar energy rejection (TSER), Visible Light Transmission (VLT), and thickness of the film. These features mostly decide the effective sun blocking and price of the window films. The lower the visible light transmission is the darker the film will be. In that case, you will need to sacrifice illumination.  

  • Preservation of Furniture

A low-e film can help to reduce the number of UV rays that can damage the floors, furniture, and door of the house. Choose a low-e film to preserve your furniture from the heat that enters your home.   

  • Application Process

Window films are usually designed for easy application. Before you order the rolls of window films, check whether you have a squeegee, sponge, and razor blade to trim the edges.          

  • Manufacturer of the Film

Always consider the manufacturer of the films and look into the reviews and feedback by other customers.  


With the abnormal rise of global warming, we all should do our part to keep the planet environment friendly. Choose any of the energy saving window films from the above list and apply only on the windows which are directly exposed to sunlight. Using the window films on every window of your house can again increase plastic usage.

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