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Best Energy Saving Air Conditioners

Best Energy Saving Air Conditioners

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Best Energy Saving Air Conditioners

Best Energy Saving Air Conditioners

The relationship we share with air conditioners is a bit conflicting. As the world is gradually trying to move towards sustainable solutions, we need to focus more on the mechanism of the air conditioners.

An energy saving air conditioner is a step forward towards minimizing the harmful impact we are leaving on the earth. In this article, we will break down the mechanism, pros, and cons of the best energy saving air conditioners for you to make an informed choice.  

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List of the best energy saving air conditioners: 




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Best Energy Saving Air Conditioners

GE Energy Star smart Air Conditioner

For 550sq ft.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant

12,000 BTU

Best Energy Saving Air Conditioners


Quiet operation

Unique design

8,000 BTU

Best Energy Saving Air Conditioners


3in1 functions

10000BTU capacity

Designed to fit windows


Looks great


Smart connection

Geek Aire

Remote control


3in1 functions

1. Best Energy Saving Air Conditioners: GE Energy Star smart Air Conditioner

Best Energy Saving Air Conditioners

GE Appliances is one of the top-rated companies and its energy star smart air conditioner is a great choice to make. It has a 12,000 BTU cooling capacity proportionate for medium rooms up to 550 square feet.

The key feature is the integrated SmartHQ apps allowing the user to control the smart conditioner easily. It has energy star certification which ensures efficient energy saving. There are 3 cooling and 3 fan speeds providing flexible and optimal comfort to the user.

Along with efficient cooling, it will also give you a calm environment without making any noise. The energy saver mode automatically turns off the fan and compressors once the room is cool enough.

You are going to have all the required features such as energy saving, easily controllable, and low maintenance in this air conditioner.


  • Easy to install
  • Latest technology
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexible speed options 
  • Efficient energy saving


  • Difficult to access warranty
  • Soft handle grips can slide a bit

2. Best Energy Saving Air Conditioners: Midea

Best Energy Saving Air Conditioners

The Midea U inverter window air conditioner is a U-shaped AC with a flexible open window. It has a cooling capacity of 8,000 BTU along with 35% energy saving compared to other traditional units.

This AC has obtained ENERGY STAR certification for efficiency. The key feature is the extremely quieter operation which provides 9times calm environment compared to other units.

The U shape design blocks all the noise from the cooling system ensuring you an undisturbed experience almost as quiet as the library. It can be controlled through the cloud using the smart technology feature installed in it. The user doesn’t need to buy a support bracket separately.

You will get a robust installation from the unique design of the air conditioner along with an anti-theft mechanism while closed. The airflow is strong enough to pass cold air up to 20ft. away.


  • Smart control
  • 9times quieter (tested)
  • U shape design keeps the window functiona
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • Saves energy over 35%


  • Expensive in comparison with the BTU
  • Beeping confirmation can’t be turned off

3. Best Energy Saving Air Conditioners: TaoTronics

Best Energy Saving Air Conditioners

The TaoTronics TT-AC001 is a window air conditioner with 10,000BTU. An ENERGY STAR EER of 12.0 is the special feature of this AC. A room of 460sq.ft is proportionate to the powerful cooling system of the AC.

It has an auto mode which can be controlled with a digital display panel or remote control. This air conditioner has 3in1 functions enabling the user with conditioning, dehumidification, and fan-only mode.

It can remove moisture up to 2.6pints per hour providing optimum comfort level. TaoTronics air conditioner has two motors to balance between high performance and low noise. It maintains both the higher energy saving and calm operation.

The AC comes in a kit with a reusable and washable air filter and window mounting equipment. Hence, the installation process is not a difficult one. The air filters have a 250hrs runtime making it an easily maintainable AC.


  • Flexible 4-way air direction
  • Energy efficient
  • Has a sleep mode
  • Cost effective 
  • Dehumidifier mode


  • Not incorporated with the latest technology 
  • Could have been a great deal with smart features


About product: A product of Frigidaire gallery, the FGRC1044T1 is a smart looking air conditioner with 100000 BTU capacities. It is a smart window conditioner that enables the user with handy mobile operation.

The AC can cool down a room of up to 450sq.ft along with 3 pints per hour dehumidification. If you are away from home, you can schedule room temperature to cool down the room before you arrive.

It has a certified energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 12.0. Frigidaire app provides the user a convenient experience of changing temperature, cleaning the filter, and other key notifications.

The product is a great deal in terms of warranty too. A window mounting kit and manual guide make the installation process easier. The air conditioner is a good choice considering all the features and the beautiful outlook.


  • Convenient to control
  • Strong cooling
  • Efficient energy saving


  • Can make noise
  • Only available in the contiguous US
  • The build quality is average

5. Geek Aire

A multifunction energy saving air conditioner providing cooling, dehumidifier, and fan altogether. The air conditioner has a capacity of 8000BTU along with 8 way airflow which helps to cool down the temperature quickly.

In the wet season, the dehumidifier keeps the room dry up to 1 pint per hour. The fan keeps the room full of fresh air and gives optimum comfort. Advanced technology has been used in this Ac which includes energy saving mode, sleep mode, and a 24-hour timer.

This Ac is a great deal in terms of both energy saving and cost efficiency. Though it is not a smart AC, the remote control works just fine to operate easily. The reusable and washable filter helps to keep a clean and healthy environment.

You can experience an undisturbed atmosphere while sleeping or studying with the low noise technology installed in it. The air conditioner can fit in a narrow window opening making it an easy one to adjust.


  • Minimalist design
  • Multiple speed range
  • Easy operation
  • Doesn’t make noise
  • Optimum energy saving  


  • Manual operation

Buying Guide

  • What is energy saving air conditioner?

 Energy saving air conditioners not only helps the user to reduce the bill but also exhaust less toxicity to the environment. The latest innovation of technology has added the energy saving mode which functions alternating between the compressors and the blower fan.

These air conditioners bring down the temperature in an enclosed area and then turn off altogether once the temperature reaches the desired range. Again when the air conditioner senses an increase in temperature, it turns back on.  

  • How to choose an energy saving air conditioner?

There are few things to look for while you are buying an energy efficient air conditioner. These are: 

Energy-saving option in the setting: This is the primary feature for buying an energy saving conditioner. This option enables to turn off both the compressor and the fan once the room has cooled down. It is up to the user whether they want to turn on this option or not.

Check out the ratings: The rating of the AC indicates the amount of power consumed in one hour. The EER stands for “Energy efficiency rating”, and the SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency rating” which can be found in a Window AC, a Split AC, or a Central AC. A higher rating means the AC has greater efficiency in the case of saving energy.  

STAR certification: An air conditioner having ENERGY STAR certification means it has passed the standard of energy efficiency guidelines set by  

Learn to read the label: The label of an air conditioner has a lot of information incorporated in a small space. This is a quicker way to compare different models of air conditioners. The label has the model, size, and the range of costs of similar air conditioners given for comparing the similar models. 

Know different types of air conditioners: Types of the air conditioners depend on the size of the space and weather of a particular region. Choosing the right one after assessing all the factors can help the AC to save more energy. Smart air conditioners are the latest addition that enables the user to save energy in an easier way.


Though we can’t entirely cut off our carbon emissions, we can lessen our carbon footprint with energy saving air conditioners. If you are using an old Air conditioner, replace it in no time. With any of the air conditioners listed above, you will not go wrong. However, the Geek Aire and TaoTronics air conditioners were the most rated ones among all others.

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