Remodelers, contractors, builders and homeowners are looking for innovative ways to enhance the overall durability and longevity of a home that also delivers comfort, indoor air quality (health), and a financial return.

Dow Building Solutions and Cobblestone Homes, a Great Lakes Bay Region home builder, have joined together to create a living “case study” to broaden public awareness of the opportunity for energy efficient retrofits. The remodeled “demonstration” home, dubbed Revitalize Home, showcases practical, energy efficient remodeling options that help remodelers, contractors and builders “revitalize” the process of renovation and offer homeowners solutions that have tangible benefits in the areas of comfort, indoor air quality and energy savings.

Learn more about the insulation and air sealing projects that we completed in four areas of the Revitalize Home:

Revitalize Home Overview Flyer (585KB PDF)
Revitalize Home Overview Flyer (French) (837KB PDF)
Insulation and Air Sealant Overview Brochure (3MB PDF)

Thank You to Our Partners

The Revitalize Home team would like to thank the many businesses for their services, time and product contributions to this project:

Revitalize Home Completed Project

Revitalize Home Data*

Total Size

1,500 square feet

Total Rooms

2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and full basement

HERS Score Before Renovation


HERS Score After Renovation


Air Exchange Rate Before Renovation(CFM50)


Air Exchange Rate After Renovation


Estimated Annual Energy Savings*



Estimated CO2 Prevented (tons/year)*

CO2 (tons/yr of Carbon Dioxide)

3.8, ~33%

*Based on Building Knowledge, Inc. emissions report completed for the Revitalize Home using pre-renovation stats as a comparison.