Energy Savings

Realizing Big Energy Savings

Incorporating Dow insulation and sealant products throughout the home has yielded significant savings in the Revitalize Home. How much? 30%

To see how the home would perform in other climate zones, we researched average energy use (in millions of Btu per year) for a home of this size, taking into account heating, cooling, water heating and plug-load consumption.

Then, using REM rate, we factored in a comparable amount of insulation and air sealing, and estimated the annual savings that could be achieved in 11 cities in the United States and seven cities in Canada.

Bottom line: Wherever your home is, Dow’s products and solutions for energy efficient retrofitting can help improve your, or your client’s, home’s energy efficiency – and make it a more comfortable place to live for years to come.

The Revitalize Home also features the Remote Energy Monitoring System (REMS), which is a revolutionary breakthrough in home energy management. The dashboard-type monitoring system is an affordable solution that allows the homeowner to pinpoint where energy is being used – and wasted. The system uses a unique combination of circuit- and appliance-level monitoring to provide energy analytics and recommendations that are accessible through an easy-to-use Internet interface.

Revitalize Home Energy Efficiency Improvement Chart

†Before values represent estimated energy use before renovation in millions of Btu consumed per year. After values represent estimated energy use after renovations comparable to Midland Revitalize Home.

More information on Energy Savings is available in downloadable format.