Are You Comfortable in Your Home?

In Michigan's climate zone (Zone 5) where the Revitalize Home is located, the weather varies from extreme heat to freezing cold. Our homes, and how we live in them, are impacted by that temperature fluctuation.

Below are some of the signs that your home simply is not functioning efficiently or comfortably, which can directly affect your family's health and quality of life.

Does your home have any of these issues?

More information on making your home comfortable is available in downloadable format.

Solutions and Related Projects
Electric meter and money

High energy bills

Solutions: Air seal and insulate full home


Woman gazing out window

Hot spots/cold spots, drafty rooms and uneven room temperature


Solutions: Air seal and insulate under siding, in pernetrations and in the attic and basement


Ice Dam

Ice dams


Solutions: Insulate and air seal attic perimeter and/or knee wall


wet basement

Mold, mildew, musty odors

Solutions: Insulate and air seal interior basement walls and rim joists, around windows and doors, and the attic


Ant and Spores

Pests, dust, allergens

Solutions: Air seal around windows and doors, attic penetrations and basement penetrations, including rim joists



Unusable space, such as a basement or attic


Solutions: Rigid insulation and air sealing